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    Which Sei Game Would You Want To See Crossover With Starless?

    0%Angel Halo
    33%Bible Black
    0%P/A potential Ability
    0%Closed GAME
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    I was thinking the other day how epic it would be if we saw some Sei game crossovers, kinda like the MCU except the Bible Black characters appear in Starless etc! It could be the SeiCU! XD So it got me thinking which games would you like to see crossover? I was laughing as I could imagine Leona Morimotto going toe to toe with Marie Mamiya and losing in the worst possible way, as we know Marie would not pull any punches when it comes to horrific punishments! So say Empress did announce a crossover with Starless what other Sei game would you want to see crossover into that world?
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    It be hard for me to answer this question. As big a fan of Sei that I am, I've only played and finished Starless due to it being officially translated for years now.. Anything else I've only seen the anime of and those aren't much to go on other than maybe Bible Black. So for now I'd probably go with BB, until I get around to playing Closed Game then my opinion might change on this. It would be interesting to see them crossover though, or just all apart of the same universe. Much like how Kagami has done with his Taimanin universe and all of its spinoffs.
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