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    As a Haruhi fan, I would like to know and discuss how other fans felt about this "event". If anyone feels like commenting please feel free to do so.
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    I thought it wasn't a good idea on the part of the studio...
    The eight in endless eight is supposed to be for August, but they decided to roll with this.
    I don't hate the series itself for it. I love the novels, after all.
    It's just the endless eight chapter in the novels was so short...them stretching it out in the anime like this was a pretty big suprise.
    I guess waiting three years for a new season and having around half of it being a waste of space just kinda got me angry.
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    Agreed! It wasn't great that they wasted 8 out of 12 eps..
    I watched every single Endless 8 ep and after the 3rd one it got really REALLY boring so I had force myself through this arc. I don't hate the series though.
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    I count myself as one of the few individuals that wasn't completely adverse to the idea, and looking back, I'll go so far as to say I liked Endless 8. Back when it became evident that Haruhi was going FAR past what 2channel had suspected to be the 'appropriate' pace of the series relative to its source material, I didn't quite (and still don't) understand the sentiment that the series was mishandled, or that something was stolen from fans. From the very beginning, this was NEVER a "second season"; there is not and never has been a "second season" of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This began as a re-airing that quickly went viral when the it was discovered Kyo-Ani had reserved more than the necessary number of slots and the leaked episode listing for Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody finally confirmed what had been assumed to be the inclusion of "new" unannounced episodes. Because of that, Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, Endless 8 and the Sighs were omake material from the get-go, extra fluff, fanservice.

    It wasn't as though Kyo-Ani didn't have a history of mixing things up with the Haruhi series either. People forget the confusion and comparably quiet reluctance to purposely airing the original series out of order. In fact, Haruhi probably wouldn't have been as well received if much of the controversy over that assault on fidelity hadn't taken place. E8 wasn't unprecedented, it was just a step beyond Kyo-Ani's already eccentric take on the property. It obviously rubbed some people the wrong way, but again, I still don't entirely know why. People complained about seeing the "same thing" over and over, though no single frame was EVER recycled, no voices ever sampled, no scenarios were complete carbon copies of those that came before. Every episode was different but the same, and comprised an ingenious way to instill deeper emotion and technical effort into an adaption of a meager 30-page long chapter in the light novels. It's already been shown that, despite the heralded unpopularity of the decision, the E8 DVDs sold moderately well. E8 was quirky, humorous, technically impressive, unanticipated, and enjoyable. Refusing to move past the fact it was "the same thing" for 8 episodes is a juvenile response and reveals an inability or unwillingness to look at, or even acknowledge, a larger picture.
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    I actually really liked the endless 8. Giving the watcher the same feeling as Nagato, if only temporally, made her character development alot more understandable. Also how certain events were lost, camera angles being different, and slightly different outfits was a nice touch. Not that fun to watch but it does contribute to the story.
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