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Dragon Ball FamilyFigure questions

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  • Naku-ChanRegular Boarder
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    Hi I was hoping you could help me I'm having this problem finding a DBZ figure that is rather rare I guess, it came from a catalouge called beck-it, I think Im not sure how to spell it. It was a magazine and had alot of DBZ stuff you could get (apparently there was a tree house playset also) my boyfriend had an android 17 that came in a box and apparently had a capsule and the figure had articulation, but I can only find one in a capsule ITEM #43192 with no articulation (I believe) and one that has articulation but it doesn't have a capsule, ITEM #157356

    I don't really have alot of information, that was what my boyfiend told me, I hope I can find it with a fellow DBZ fan's help
    Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All
  • MatinCatRegular Boarder
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    Well, Hi Naku-chan

    I'd be glad to help you, but, please could you provide a bit more informations like how old is the catalogue for example? And your boyfriend threw it away? Now he wants to find a new one?
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