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Differences in Manga and Anime

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    This is all just the top of my head...Damn insomnia...

    - In the second chapter, the club room is actually on the second floor, and Sena climbs up to the window from a tree.

    - In the Eroge chapter, Sena was completely aghast when she realized Yozora pulled the headphone plug. Yozora also did not restrain her.

    - There is a chapter in the manga before recruiting the other three where Sena, Kodaka and Yozora read a rendition of Momotarou where Sena(Momotarou) gets beaten up by Yozora(Demon).

    - There is a chapter in the manga where everyone joins in to write a rally novel. One starts and another continues from what they wrote. Rika is last...

    - At the end of the cell phone chapter, Sena does not go to Kodaka for help, it just ends with her getting punked.

    - In the sleepover at Sena's mansion, Sena's privates are censored by giant 肉 kanjis. Touma's privates are also covered by said kanji.
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