Nopan NirvanaNopan Nirvana's Photo Challenge #7 - "Wardrobe Malfunction"

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    Hello members!

    Announcing our next photo challenge. With springtime approaching, it's time to show off the latest spring fashions. Sometimes a new outfit might show off a bit more than expected, especially if a wardrobe malfunction occurs. Meanwhile, our figures aren't immune to this either. Have your figures ever had this happen? Perhaps their castoff panties fell off unexpectedly, or their skirt got shifted upward revealing they weren't even wearing any panties at all. Here's your chance to show us what happened.

    Theme: Wardrobe Malfunction
    Photo submission deadline: 7 April 2022

    1) To be eligible, the photo must meet the following criteria:
    * At least one figure in the photo must be displayed nopan (no panty) style.
    * The photo must be user created content (not chan, official, etc).
    * No bootleg figures are allowed.
    2) The photo should fit the "Wardrobe Malfunction" theme. Thus, it should include one or more pantyless figures experiencing some kind of clothing mishap such as their clothing or underwear falling off or their skirt getting pulled upward unexpectedly. A nopan figure caught off guard in the process of getting dressed or undressed could also work.
    3) To enter, upload your photo to the MFC site, and then link it here in a reply to this thread.
    4) Entries are limited to 1 photo per person.
    5) If necessary, you can change or modify your entry (by editing your reply) until the
    submission deadline.

    At the end of the submission period, this thread will be locked, and then voting will be opened to allow members to select their favorite entry. The voting will likely run from the 4th of April to the 9th of April. The winning photo will then be displayed on the Nopan Nirvana club page until the next contest ends.

    update - corrected the submission deadline.
    update 2 - extended the submission deadline to 7th of April.
    update 3 - the submission period has ended. There was only one submission so no voting is necessary.
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    The alarm bells had woken Maya, and there was barely time to get dressed before the attack was underway. As she ran, Maya felt felt the tug of her quiver's strap lifting her skirt, accompanied by the sudden coolness from the morning air rushing across her bottom. Only then did Maya realize that she'd forgot to put on her underwear.
    PICTURE #3061370
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