Sweet and Adorable!hii!~ any upcoming cuties you fancy? ʚĭɞ

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    Hello everyone!! I wanted to keep this small group alive with other cutie enthusiasts! So, what upcoming figures do you fancy?.. Here is my list~

    ITEM #1085915 Evanthe Nendo from Red Pride of Eden
    I have her 1/7 pre ordered but not the nendo sadly.. she is sold out in many places so I have to keep hunting until she releases! I love Red Pride of Eden so much (even if it is all in Japanese..), at least I get to practice my Japanese skills with it hehe

    ITEM #1311121 Izumi Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei Prize Figure by Taito
    I love Izumi!! The figure looks so high quality at such a low price (by TOMs retail price.. $20 for standard and $10 at premium). Will be getting her! Taito is usually hit or miss from what I have seen, so I would love to see how she turns out.

    ITEM #1129240 Milim Nava by Spiritale
    I really hope Milim turns out well, I am not familiar with this company such as the With Us company that made that other Milim figure.. I think it turned out kinda bad. But I need this Milim!! Her smile is so cute! With this Milim and her Alter alternative, I think they would look beautiful together.

    ITEM #1055219 Shuten Nendoroid
    Though Shuten isn't very pink, she is so cute in her chibi nendo form! She looks so unique and the reason why I got into FGO! I just think her outfit and seductive character is so beautiful and well written, especially in the game!

    These are it for now.. i hope to hear your thoughts as well!! <33
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