MFCfavorite maid figure?

  • snaildreamz
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    whats your favorite maid figure? @`.`@ or just maid character?
  • Denay
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    I think they are my favorites:

    ITEM #549502
    ITEM #549503

    Love the combination of maid / bunny

    ITEM #647332

    this one is also adorable (maid + nekomini + tsun face)
  • njdrawscomics
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    I only own one maid figure so I guess it's ITEM #61647

    Out of ones I don't own I would love to there's ITEM #107 she is so gorgeous but she is just too expensive for me.
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  • Yourtime
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    I would say ITEM #61678 I do not own many, specially because most of them are just too simple, but I love the mikoto version because the face and pose just fit way too well in her character and makes it so much better.
  • lunarlemons
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    I’m really excited for this neko maid~

    ITEM #1302214
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