Doll Collector ClubQuestion/Discussion: When did you start collecting dolls?

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    Should I buy a doll?

    0%Yes, but start with something smaller
    0%No, dolls are too different from figmas
    0%5 months is too early to collect dolls, wait
    100%Yes, choose something you love
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    I just started collecting figures 5 months ago (Dec 2018), now considering whether I should get my first doll, since I like figures that can move and be customized/swappable like figma. My main concern however, is that since dolls are significantly more expensive as compared to figures, I'm afraid of spending so much only to regret later.

    Questions I have:
    1. When did you start collecting dolls?
    2. How do you decide who to get?/Avoid buyer's remorse
    3. Do dolls have a pre-order/ordering period like figures before they are gone?
    4. Are collaboration dolls worth buying? (I'm guessing no) or is it better to modify normal ones?

    Looking for dolls with anime look, but no Pullips (head too big compared to body) and FR: Nippon Misaki (too realistic??? dunno how describe). Currently looking at ITEM #473852 or ITEM #693149, but other suggestions are welcome.
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    1. I started collecting in 2007 with ball jointed dolls after high school. From there, my tastes have changed over the years.

    2. This is a tough one as sometimes there can only be a few months between knowing a certain doll exists, that doll going up for pre-order, and releasing. To avoid buyer's remorse, really try to be picky about it. Make sure it has all the qualities you are looking for in a doll. If the eye/hair color isn't your favorite or anything about the style isn't something you L O V E, pass over it and wait for something which really strikes you to come along, especially for something pricier like a Smart Doll.

    3. Yes! Unlike with most figures though, sometimes they sell out on the pre-order, so it can be stressful if you want a certain one. They often times release much more quickly than figures depending on the company. Some companies will also put out lotteries to buy their dolls, like Volks.

    4. Everyone's opinions on collaborations will be different, but I see no reason to pass over one if it has the qualities you are looking for. Modifying anything yourself may be more costly depending on the goals.

    Have you looked into Azone International? ENTRY #7690 They make an assortment of anime-inspired dolls in various sizes and styles. They have their Picconeemos (1/12), Pureneemos (1/6), and a few different series/styles for their 1/3 size (like Happiness Clover ENTRY #71791, Iris Select ENTRY #128878, or Azone Original Doll ENTRY #26840). Smart Dolls are great, too, and come from a really good company that favors quality. That said, they are also pricier than similar options (to my knowledge).

    Let me know if you'd like anymore info and I'll help the best I can!
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    1. When did you start collecting dolls?
    When i started my account here on MFC i discovered the Dollfie Dream. Since then it was a target to someday ad a doll like that to my collecting. Since september past year i was more actively searching for dolls and any information i could get on them. That ended up in my first pre-order in november (Rem Pureneemo) and i am really happy with her. And at current time i have one more doll ordered and doing some research in the Smart Doll. It is very hard to choose one if they are all really beautiful.
    2. How do you decide who to get?/Avoid buyer's remorse
    There is one thing that i read a lot: 'Don't buy something you like, buy something you love.' I discovered not long ago what that actually means. When you find that doll that you love the moment you see it and that you cannot sleep because the fear raises that when you want to order her she is gone. Well that is merely the story about the doll that i have now on pre-order.
    3. Do dolls have a pre-order/ordering period like figures before they are gone?
    Unfortunately yes. Sometimes you have to pre-order a doll a couple of months beforehand. For Azone's Rem i had to wait five months at first, with the delay six months. I have ordered my second doll at the end of januari. The company needs around six months to make it so i think she will arrive at the end of juli. especially with dolls that have a very limited quantity it is important to place your order on time.
    4. Are collaboration dolls worth buying? (I'm guessing no) or is it better to modify normal ones?
    I really don't know. I am also relatively new to the doll collecting hobby. But if they really weren't worth buying they also wouldn't sell i guess.
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    1. When did you start collecting dolls?

    Quite a while ago, with Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku!

    2. How do you decide who to get?/Avoid buyer's remorse

    One big thing any buyer should do is familiarize themselves with each product.

    Do some research on each maker, and their products. For 1/3 BJDs some makers have a different approach to their dolls. Some (like VOLKS) have a more strict "perfection" type approach, which I personally prefer when buying Collaboration or Character models. While Others Like Smart Doll by Danny Choo embrace a different approach "不均整" In which each doll may be a slightly different with imperfections or "birth marks", appearing in different locations. I LOVE this philosophy for custom dolls, as it really gives a personality all its own.

    The other two big questions are.

    Material used: Plastic, Resin, Soft vinyl, etc. Also what/how is the internal frame made/held together.

    Maintenance: Mostly based on materials, and inner frame/structure. Some materials are more prone to paint transfer then others. If you are looking into Dollfie or any other soft vinyl I suggest a body suit and head-cap, as colors can stain the bodies and heads of these dolls. Not all BJD frame/skeletons are made the same. Some types are more prone to cracking which can cause the doll to lose it's pose over time. (breaks or cracks can be replaced)

    As far as character Dolls, I only buy items I really love. Avoiding buyer's remorse can be a bit tricky, but extremely important when dealing with $600+ dolls. It gets even worse if you are interested in DD collaboration models, which are usually limited in supply. I'd suggest watching the manufactures web sites for new and upcoming events. Than once you see what will be coming, think about them for as long as possible.

    3. Do dolls have a pre-order/ordering period like figures before they are gone?

    Many collaboration models for VOLKS Dollfie (the main ones I collect) do have limited ordering periods. They also frequently have a lottery system for purchasing. With VOLKS DD collaboration models I strongly suggest pre-ordering as soon as possible to avoid missing out, and having to pay after market prices.

    Items like ITEM #574491 and ITEM #574492 are easy to pre-order during their order window. While items like ITEM #750392 had the first run sold out in under 10 minutes.

    4. Are collaboration dolls worth buying? (I'm guessing no) or is it better to modify normal ones?

    I think they absolutely are worth it. The only ones I own are VOLKS Dollfie Dream collaboration models and they are beautiful. For some info on VOLKS collaboration and other wise: dollfie Dream

    These are some of my favorite examples that really show off the quality and style the collaboration/character models have!~ ITEM #122999 ITEM #723957 ITEM #323505 ITEM #128260 and ITEM #229685

    Making a custom would be another enjoyable option. Other then making the clothing. The hardest thing would be the face up work. If you are good at airbrushing for a face up I would give it a shot, you could also commission a a face up for the character you want.

    (edited to add a bit more detail) ~
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    I would like to start by saying there's no certain grade you need to have to enjoy doll collecting.

    I started many years ago with playline dolls from Barbie movies and Winx Club dolls. I sold them all at some point because I was convinced dolls sucked. I ended up very much regretting it years later and ended up rebuying and expending my original collection.

    But for your questions;
    1. Like I said, -+15 years ago if we count playline dolls. If we're talking adult collecting it's -+5 years ago. And if we're talking Japanese dolls it's -+2 years ago.

    2. I love making lists. I have wishlists for every doll line I collect (Disney, Mc2, Azones, Licca, Barbie collector & playline) In the first wave I'll throw everything on and over time I start narrowing it down. Maybe choose a specific line I want instead of everything. Etc

    3. It depends. Most Japanese collector dolls, like Smart Doll, Volks, Azone etc will have pre-orders for their dolls. Playline not so much, but they're usually available for a longer period and have a very low risk of selling out.

    4. It all depends! I bought my first Dollfie to customise it to a certain character I love. Meant that I had to pick out her body, head, hair, eyes, clothes, optional hands, face up, shoes etc. If you're not much of a DIY'er this can be hard and rather costly. My girl sat naked on a shelf for like a year... So in those cases getting a complete doll can save a ton of time and frustration. If you're unskilled at face up, clothes and hair styling I'd suggest that.

    Now for me I ended up buying my first girl new from the Volks store when I was in Japan. She cost a pretty penny and she's cute, but I don't feel she has reached her full potential yet. I wanted to style her like Frederica from Idolmaster and maybe one day I'll succeed, but I don't like my face up all that much and the wig needs work. Was I screaming when they announced Smart Doll Cortex Shiki? Yes a lot. I will die to get her full set.

    My second doll is Smart Doll Eiji whom I happened to find second hand at Dollyteria when I was in Japan on another trip. He was only about 200 USD instead of 500 USD for him new. So I immediately got him. But for him too goes that he sat naked on a shelf for like a year before I felt up to work on him. It's laziness on my end but can definitely impact your enjoyment and worth of investment.

    If you're looking for cheaper dolls Azone has the Pure/Picco Neemo line, which are anime style full sets that come with everything you need and go for about 100ish USD depending on the model you want.
    There's also Obitsu which offers customisable doll puzzles, body, head, hair etc but again some DIY skill required.
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    I forgot to mention in my earlier post. If you like the look and style of Smart Dolls, it may be worth following Danny Choo's social media to see when Smart Doll Cortex will be officially available. Cortex is a plastic(asaflex) created with injection molds rather than the normal Vinyl Smart Doll.

    This means they are less expensive and less intensive to make, so the cost will likely be lower :)

    More information on Cortex Smart Dolls here.
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