Nopan Nirvana[Poll] What's the best pose for a nopan figure?

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    What's the best pose for a nopan figure?

    13%Standing upright
    33%Leaning forward
    13%On all fours or crawling
    20%Reclining or lying on back
    0%Something else (describe in forum reply)
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    Here are some examples of nopan figures with the listed poses:
    Standing upright: ITEM #636997, ITEM #548307, ITEM #595251
    Leaning forward: ITEM #457123, ITEM #46172, ITEM #236412
    Sitting: ITEM #604589, ITEM #464771, ITEM #165569
    Squatting: ITEM #236418, ITEM #209601, ITEM #617177
    Kneeling: ITEM #604563, ITEM #156661, ITEM #302574
    On all fours or crawling: ITEM #41764, ITEM #78685, ITEM #54496
    Reclining or lying on back: ITEM #457052, ITEM #549648, ITEM #549566

    If there are any others that you'd like to see included, I can add them to the poll.
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    I'm really a fan of standing uprightso cutehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Lovett1551161069.jpeg! ITEM #806355 & especially ITEM #464782 are great examples of this style of pose. To me, the allure of this pose is the visibility of the crotch while not entirely being the focus.

    Though, a while back, I saw ITEM #604870 and was totally mesmerized. She's suuuuper cute and could be posed as reclining or lying on back or on all fours or crawling. I think the desirability of those poses would be the compactness of the figure.
  • vgadict
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    When it comes to nopan figures, my favorite pose is leaning forward. Not only does that position help to emphasize the curves of the figure, but that pose also tends to offer multiple options for display, typically ranging from a safe front-facing view to a lewd rear-racing view. This pose also tends to reveal the genitalia better from the backside if the figure is blessed with detail down there.

    The crawling pose ranks a close second for me. It can offer similar display options to leaning forward (safe from the front, lewd from the back), but there seem to be fewer figures that feature that pose.

    Squatting is third for me, though that position tends to leave fewer "safe" options for display. Generally the figures with that pose tend to be quite lewd when displayed nopan style, and some figures with that pose (e.g. ITEM #396811 or ITEM #381483) are already quite lewd even with their panties on.
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