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Addicted to Rubber Straps!Let's Share Collections! ♡

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    Hey everyone! I was wondering why we didn't have a thread we could dump our collection/WIP photos into, and then went ahead and made one lolol

    Please share picture of your collections, big or small!


    My own bare corkboard...issa WIP!
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    I got lazy, the pictures are from my tablet that has an awful camera

    Has space for 1 or 2 more


    This is a WIP. I have a lot more to put on here soon. It's not completely rubber straps but I have a decent sized order coming in soon.
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    Hope I'm not too late, I recently began collecting rubber straps and some acrylics.

    My collection up to today is relatively small, but I wanted to have a clear focus with what I was buying, so instead of grabbing everything Touhou Project-related, I went for characters from my favorite title in the series, Mountain of Faith. Suwako Moriya's strap (ITEM#305859) is the last one I need from Gift to have the full set of characters they did from the game and it's been a pain trying to track it down.

    I have one other strap and then two acrylics, one was done by an independent artist from the US so I'm not sure it can even by listed in the MFC archives, the other one I'm looking to get rid of since I didn't like the style as much as I had hoped. Here's some pictures I took real quick of the collection, I need better lighting in my room so please excuse them.


    The characters featured in Mountain of Faith, 3/5 were bought loose from Japan online in a bundle deal


    The full collection, plus acrylics


    My Reimu Hakurei strap and acrylic next to the Nendoroid #700 2.0, which I keep on my desk in a small case


    The lone Reisen, bought her because she was the only character I could get through Touhou 15 with

    I hope to grow my collection as time goes on, but living on the US east coast, local shops don't stock this kind of merchandise; the closest shop to me that sells GSC regularly is 3 hours away in NYC. It's a fun hobby, but it sucks that the Gift straps sell quick and then end up online sold by scalpers willing to play the waiting game by listing them as high as possible and hoping you get desparate.
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