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    I was hoping to get some clarification from the VIBs or mods on best practices/policies for applying tags.

    1) Tags that are redundant to other tags

    Example figure

    It has the tags "female", "figure", and "female_figure". The last one seems redundant and not useful. Do we need a tag for "female_figure" at all or are we better off just using the tags "female" and "figure"?

    2) Tags that are redundant to the item's data

    The item above is already classified in the item's DB metadata as type figure. Does it also need to be tagged as a "figure", or should the "figure" tag be removed as redundant to the DB's info?

    3) Tag "implications"

    What is the purpose of the field "implications" for tag? From my test it does not seem that a tag is included in searches for the tag's implication. eg: tag X has implication of tag Y, a search for tag:Y doesn't return items with tag X (unless of course they also have tag Y).

    It would be really useful if it worked this way, though.

    Example: tag "black thighhighs" has implication "thighhighs" and this item only tag "black_thighhighs" but not "thighhighs". It doesn't show up in a search for "thighhighs". (Never mind for the moment that it's an incorrect tag.)

    How are "implications" supposed to be used?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification. :-)
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    Bump. These are still open questions. I like categorizing so I'd value any direction I get to propose and vote on tags.
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