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  • 3 years ago, top-of-the-line. Now...

    I've had many positive experiences with this shop 5 to 2 years ago.

    Unfortunately, they sharply increased their prices around june in 2010. In some cases, up to 75% of the original worth of the figures was added to the price.

    They simply can't compete anymore with foreign shops with their outdated business model. They tried to revitalize their shop twice, the first time with their atrocious "Archonia Points" and the second time by expanding into (Western) comics territory.

    It's a miracle they haven't gone out of business yet...
    6 jaar geleden
  • Fast, but expensive, recommended as last case solution.

    Just as most people say, can be bloody expensive, mostly by the medium and higher grade figures. Useful for certain cheaper prize figures, where they cannot throw too much on it, due the inital low price, but even this only for the collectors living in the EU and taking the cheapest shipping option. Good thing about them that you can buy some figures which are sold out since long elsewhere and in the case of a sale, even the more pricey ones can turn affordable. (but note that by the higher grade ones only the expensive shipping might be available) I recommend to look in other shops first.
    6 jaar geleden
  • Expensive shop

    The figures is really pricey, as well as the shipping. The good thing is that I've managed to get two rare figures from them (GSC Saber Lily and Kafuka/Chiri set) when they were long sold out everywhere.
    6 jaar geleden
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