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  • Archonia is great

    I have nothing but good expierence with Archonia. Their prices are sometimes a little more expensive, but they're an alternative for people who don't like to order from Japan. If they can't deliver a pre order you get the payment as credit to spend there.
    6 jaar geleden
  • Good Shop

    Good shop, but compared to other Europe based shops there overpriced and list item release-dates they can't make. Customer service is top-notch though.
    6 jaar geleden
  • Archonia Feedback

    Prices are a bit high, but Archonia is a good place to find figures that may be long sold out at other sites. Shipping boxes are often filled with styrofoam packing peanuts as opposed to paper. Environmentalists beware.
    6 jaar geleden
  • Decent shop

    A mixed bag in terms of pricing, with a lot of prices being a bit high, but there are some nice deals mixed in. A good place to find items that other shops no longer have. Shipping prices are fair and they ship fast.
    6 jaar geleden
  • my Place to hunt some Prize Fig

    They have good price for most Prize figure and lot of choice, but for some Scale fig those price are really too high (like Madokami). Some error in their Database can display Sold Out item as "in stock" or twice the same fig with different price.
    6 jaar geleden
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