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    i have only ordered from amiami 1 time, but from my experience i can conclude that its a pretty good site. Yes, it may have some minor flaws.... but the website has some good things about it too.
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  • Recommended

    The story is reliable. Packaging is great.
    The only thing is the high shipping costs...other stores seem to be much cheaper.
    2 maand(en) geleden
  • My personal number two.

    AmiAmi pros:
    + they got soooooooooo much stuff
    + they often got exclusive deals for figures that you can't get elsewhere without paying a lot extra, or additional bonuses such as face-plates etc
    + they are reliable
    + they know how to invoice so you get your things faster through inspection

    AmiAmi cons:
    - unknown shipping rate for pre order, hard to calculate the end price
    - their ordering/payment processes require a lot of extra confirmation, several emails, logging in after clicking on links and so on - it's a bit antiquated
    - they send out merchandise in packaging that is way too large and way too expensive*
    -customer service requests usually end with "we are sorry but can't do anything"

    *Examples: Rubber strap box in a package that would fit a figure. Desk mats are being sent out laying flat. I know they do this because a minority of collectors want mint packaging, but it bothers me to pay so much shipping.

    Conclusion: AmiAmi is my go-to place for all anime merchandise. Sometimes I also order their exclusive deal figures. I don't like that I can't see how much I will end up paying for pre-orders because the shipping costs only appear when the item has arrived in stock. Anyway, it's one of the best shops.
    5 maand(en) geleden
  • Great Site!

    My go-to place to get figures. I find the site easy to navigate and it easy to save items for later. I have ordered several times and have never had problems with either new/pre-orders or pre-owned items. Preowned items have been in great condition. Always packed well and I always like seeing the next illustration when I open the parcel.
    10 maand(en) geleden
  • AmiAmi Review

    Slow website & limited for overseas
    Shipping cost over priced
    Shipping with no protection just box in box no bubble wrap
    Never used again after that experience
    1 jaar geleden
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