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Arngrim5 jaar geleden#3160514Eso estaba pensando, quizás se lo ponga a mi 3DS Pikachu ;3

Me parece, lo importante es usarlo (Y)
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yanekp5 jaar geleden#3158653Noooo! Pero cómo! Debes usarlo cuanto antes, por los caídos que no lo tienen </3

Eso estaba pensando, quizás se lo ponga a mi 3DS Pikachu ;3
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yanekp5 jaar geleden#3157850Lo mismo para ti! Tienes los straps de Steins;Gate que hubiera querido comprar yo </3

Todavía no he abierto la bolsita, no le he dado uso al strap xD
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Todas esas figuras *-* Saludos, compatriota! ;D
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
yanekp6 jaar geleden#2010246Here! www.amiami.com/...

OMG! Why does he have to come out in March?! Must find a way to get him! XD;; Thanks so much for showing me! <3
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
yanekp7 jaar geleden#1602761Is he your husbando too?? Excelent!! You have good taste.
Baka ouji is just too troll to not love him and buy him xDD
You're welcome, your mayuri will be happy now xDDD
Let's keep in contact! :)

He is, he is! aww, thanks! You have good taste as well. ;) I just wish he had more merch! Sadly I'm playing catch up with a lot of the figures. I passed up most Kurisu stuff because Mayuri is my favourite girl and now really regret it. Where's D-mail when you need it, eh?
Haha yes! How can you not love the trolling Ouji? xD Such a great series! And she will! I'm so excited!!
oh, lets! Mind if I FR you? ^.^'
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
yanekp7 jaar geleden#1600298Oh wow! Thank you very much! It's nice to read that. I was going to give you a link for ITEM #139959 in amiami but then i realized it was sold out D:,I hope it gets another re-release!
EDIT: No, wait! xD I found it on HS: www.1999.co.jp/...

You're very welcome. I saw your comment on Okabe's figma page~ Okarin's my husbando too. <3 And you have Baka Ouji as well! I just noticed. xD
You are awesome!! I looked forever for it on HS and could not find it. So I thought it was sold out. Ordered! ^.^
Thank you soo much!!
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Love your collection! So much Steins;Gate! <3 I'm also super jealous of your item/139959! I tried to get a set for my Mayushii and they sold out on me. >.<
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yanekp7 jaar geleden#1372923Hello! :)
Well, i just came to say that I love your nendoroids comics/pictures, and hope you keep doing this xD
Take care!

That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. :) I'm just starting out so this really makes me feel welcome. Thank you so much!
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Aceptada con gusto la solicitud de amistad.

Estamos en contacto.
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