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vyseoftheskies3 jaar geleden#21556721YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!
I really should check my notifications more often, I just noticed I missed your birthday. :(
Anyway, apologies! Sorry for the belated birthday wish, but a belated birthday wish is better than no birthday wish at all! So, here it is.
I hope you had an awesome day, filled with incredible things and I wish you many more to come! :)

It's okay! We don't get to talk often so I'm always happy to hear from you, belated or not ^_^
Thank you! (●´□`)♡ I'm doing well and I hope you are too! ^^
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vyseoftheskies3 jaar geleden#17621482Yeah, I enjoyed NMH2, but vastly preferred NMH1. You could tell Suda had more of a hand in designing that one (it's the only one that he directed, until the eventual NMH3) as I found both the story, and the bosses, to be a lot more memorable. I'm a bit worried though, that the game we receive for the Switch will be something completely different than what I expect. You can never tell with Suda (he's definitely a guy who does what he wants to do), and I'm kind of afraid that it'll end up being some crazy wrestling game or something. I really hope this isn't the case. :/
But yes, more hopes for a Travis Touchdown figure! I know they don't do a lot of male-centered ones, and I don't normally collect them, but for Travis I'd make an exception.
I still have my Switch on pre-order, I'm really not sure what to do. This is Nintendo, so I'm doubtful the console will ever receive a substantial price-drop, and there are a handful of games coming out this year that I need to play, such as Mario Odyssey. I'm also SUPER-EXCITED for Zelda Breath of the Wild, and while I could play that on my current Wii U console, it looks so much better on the Switch. Thankfully, I have a bit of time to decide.
Are you a fan of Fire Emblem? They held a Fire Emblem-centered Nintendo Direct earlier, and announced that they're making a new Fire Emblem for both the 3DS as well as Switch, but also showcased the mobile phone they've been working on (gatcha-based, for iOS/Android phones). I'm a pretty big fan of Fire Emblem, as well as gatcha games, so yeah...I'm in great danger. Goodbye free time!

The head scratcher for me with some games is why does the original have free-roaming as a feature and the sequel scraps it? Same thing happened with Sonic Adventure/2 (SA1 is close to my tiny metal heart... SA2 isn't).
Do you have this book? www.amazon.com/... In a little blurb in the back he says with NMH1 they did scenario first, characters second, but with the sequel they went with designing the characters and boss battle styles first. I honestly thought it would have been the other way around... NMH1 is about simply rising to top rank, while NMH2... was the same, but for reasons other than "I wanna bone Sylvia!"

Switch won't have a price drop until it A) gets some sort of "lite" version or B) gets a successor, which will take some indefinite amount of time. I'm okay with waiting on account of... I actually have a huge backlog of games I need to play/finish, spanning several consoles. I recently acquired a new TV so I suppose there's no excuse to not get cracking on those anymore, but it'll still be some stretch of time before I clear them all. And, I'm not into Fire Emblem because I'm afraid of getting sucked into popular franchises. My BFF loves it and the people of MFC seem to be mighty passionate about it lol
My rule for buying a new console is either 3-5 titles I want or one I *super* want (ex. NMH3) How long is the WANT list looking for you at launch?
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vyseoftheskies3 jaar geleden#17497538OH MAN, I KNOW!
And Suda 51 is directing the thing himself! He hasn't directed a No More Heroes game since, well...the original. I'm pretty excited, it's been a long time coming but we're finally getting (another) sequel!
I just hope it's better than NMH2. I still enjoyed the game, and the combat was improved, but I much preferred the story (and boss characters) present in the first one. Well, that and I hated the final boss in NMH2. But then, Suda didn't do that one himself, so there's that. Still, I CAN'T WAIT!
Did you pre-order a Switch or are you waiting until more is released for it? I have one pre-ordered, but I might not keep it. Breath of the Wild looks amazing, but I can play that on the Wii U (which I already have). As for the rest of the games scheduled for this year, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe look great, but aren't in the launch window, and we'll have to wait even longer for Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017). :(
I might wait and purchase when when Mario is released, or just go ahead with my initial pre-order, I haven't decided. Also, SMT and Musou FE for the Switch, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I just wish their launch line-up was stronger, with the only "must-have" game for me being a port.

;___; I'msohappy

Previously he said the next NMH would not have Travis because his story was done... I'm so happy he scrapped that. Travis <33 SUDA <333

I think the thing about NMH2 that really got under my skin was swapping the free travel and side missions for the minigames. I... really hated the minigames. I felt like they were too time consuming and didn't net me much money (It didn't help that I was farming cash like a crook in the original with that 30sec assassin mission that was a short drive away from K-ENT). And then I was losing tons of cash to that bogus gym minigame... I ended up blowing a mental fuse and downloading a save with all that stuff completed. I wanted to earn everything else by myself but UGHHH I hated those games!! The concept was kind of cute though, I guess, but I didn't wanna spend more time gaining cash than actually decapitating people and that's what it felt like.

I'm waiting for after release... NMH3 is the real meat and potatoes for me, and I think anything else I want can wait. I still have PS4 games to finish in the meanwhile. If Nintendo NYC has a launch event I-- well, I wanna say I'll go, but they end up having hundreds of people turn up and the line spans several long city blocks >.<

Also... my narrow prayers for PVC Travis are a little wider now.
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vyseoftheskies4 jaar geleden#13812060Sorry, I'm a bit later on this. >_<
Happy (belated) Birthday!

Thank you very much! :3
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vyseoftheskies4 jaar geleden#13327739Yeah, I haven't had time to comb through everything (busy yesterday), but I'll get around to it today! From what I've seen (at a glance), there's a lot to look at, haha.
Prepare our wallets.

I need to take time to go through it all and process it but... Just from some of the things I saw, I'm not sure how to properly prepare for it all.

There were a LOT of nice looking scales and nendos.

Anyways, have fun looking through it all and let me know what catches your eye!
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vyseoftheskies4 jaar geleden#10710601Haha. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't (partially) ignoring this place to resist any/all temptation to pre-order new figures/merchandise. Not until the CDN dollar stabilizes a bit more (it's a lot better than it was, thankfully, but not 100% returned to normal). Well, I've been busy too. You're correct in your assumption there.
Ah, a spa getaway from your birthday, huh? Sounds nice! Also, it's always nice to spend time with family, 'specially on your big day. I hope you enjoyed yourself (hopefully, without a stomach-ache from earing too much, haha).
Yeah, I caved on Marudea. I tried to sop myself, I did. I stepped away from the PC multiple times and told myelf "no!" over and over. Despite this, I was unable to convince myself to pass on her, so I finally gave in and hit that "Add to Cart" button. No regrets! I'll probably do the same thing for Yuzuruha. I can see it coming...
Fan registration for NYCC? Finally! That's great news, I wish more conventions would do that sort of thing.
That Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter looks interesting. I don't know much of the franchise myself, but I know there are a lot of fans for it (yourself included). I really hope it gets funded! 37 days left and it's just under halfway there. It should be fine. :)
Speaking of Kickstarters...
Hey JAST? Why don't you try up a Full Metal Daemon Muramasa Kickstarter to help fund the localization/pay for any costs you need to make it happen/etc. I would throw down a nice amount of money for that to happen. I know many would. I don't know if it's the cost that's holding it back (or legal reasons), but make it happen JAST! I know you can release 18+ content on Kickstarter, but they could release a "vanilla" version and then release a patch afterwards that restores the adult content. Maybe one day...
But yes, nice talking with you again! I'm relieve to hear everything is well with you. :)

It's fine as long as you're doing good ^^ I can't pull myself away from MFC but my "RESIST" powers have bulked up a lot. A lot of times I see a figure and go "OOH YES NEED"... then I wait a few days for the itch to cool off. I think my new danger zone might be doujinshi, because I still plan to do my Comiket hauls, and my bookshelf is maxed out already... and unfortunately, doujinshi are a LOT harder to sell off than figures. I haven't tried selling them on eBay yet though, but... blegh, eBay! And while I can easily store my figures away, so far I haven't found the desire to do the same for my beautiful book treasure. Weird, maybe?

Thank you ^^ I think I cut myself off at just the right point while eating. It's funny because my mom has a lot of things she can't eat so I was trying to be generous and let her do the choosing because I wasn't feeling particular about anything, and we kept arguing about it (not serious fighting though). Then when it came time to order food, we ordered the two dishes she was most interested in and she had a little helping of my food along with hers :p But I guess I can consider that useful in finding more foods she likes and can eat, lol! It was delicious :9

I guess if Marudea pulled at you that way (just like the slime pulled Marudea, right? :V haha), in the long run you probably would have regretted it if you didn't get her. You've had your eye on her for a long time ^^ I still love her myself, so enjoy her for me. What did you think of the two color variants? I wonder if that's because she got a lot of orders (milk it!) or not many (bulk it up!) ?

Yep, this time around they're making people make fan profiles, and only people who do can get tickets. Every ticket has to be linked to a registered profile. I've been wanting a loyalty system for some time now, so hopefully this works in my favor. I've already got a band of recruits who want to go to the con as well.

With Kojika, I think it was Seven Seas who wanted to bring it over years back but dropped the idea because they decided it was a bit too much for Western audiences... and they're partly right because people flag it as CP when there's nothing of the sort involved :\ However, it does go into a lot of real issues such as losing a parent or abusive households, and the character development is ace. So I hope people give it a chance if they haven't already. I don't think the campaign will hit all the stretch goals but I think it can make it. I'm trying to spread the word myself.

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. PETER PAYNE, MAKE IT HAPPEN. My only concern is I hope they don't get zealous with the goal pricing. I've seen some campaigns put out some ridiculous numbers (and then it falls flat almost inevitably). But dude... can you imagine those campaign perks?

Good to talk with you again :) Marudea should be dropping soon, so I'm sure you'll be back to tell me all about her :D
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vyseoftheskies4 jaar geleden#10619018Hey there, long time no chat. How are things with you? Good, I hope!
Anyway, Happy Birthday! Do you have anything interesting planned for the rest of the day, or are just taking things easy? Maybe a figure or two as a gift to you on this very special day? Regardless, I hope you enjoy yourself. It's your day, make the most of it!
Not too much to update you in-regards to me. I've been continuing to limit my pre-orders as much as I can, but I might be pre-order Yuzuruha (Alter) soon. I own the other Muramasa figures from Alter, so it'd be a shame not to complete the set. And, well...she does look nice. I need more fox girls in my collection. I also (finally) decided to pre-order Marudea (that Oda-Non illustration-based figure from DragonToy). I tried to resist, I really did, but the pull was too strong. Aside from that, I've been MOSTLY behaving...
I'm interested in purchasing a few more books from FAKKU, but I'm still waiting for the CDN dollar to stabilize a bit more before I do. It's better than it was, but still not at the level I'd like it, so I'll try to wait as long as I can. It doesn't help that they keep releasing new ones that tempt me further. They even have one from Hisasi! One day...
But yes, hope all is well with you. Once again, Happy Birthday!

Vysey! I'm good! how have you been? I figured you're something between busy and avoiding temptation that comes with the MFC territory... :)

My sincere technicolor thanks (๑♡⌓♡๑)
I took a trip to the bathhouse spa. It was so relaxing I knocked out twice LOL. The other (confirmed) things on the agenda are lunch with mom and drinks with friends. My friend told me about a tea house with amazing desserts I want to go to... hopefully I have time (and stomach room) in between lol.
I pre-ordered Yuzu when she came up on Crunchyroll's DOTD. I probably won't see her until early 2017 but, between the deal and a $10 voucher I had I got her for a really hot price (+free shipping of course). Other than that, my orders for the year are super light in comparison to last year. Ah, you caved on Marudea? I still think she's gorgeous so I can't blame you. And Fakku, I have a list of books I want from them myself. Part of me says "just order" and part of me says "save on shipping, buy at NYCC"... but, those books are damn heavy to carry around!
(Speaking of NYCC, they're doing fan registration now to help combat scalpers...!)

"No birthday figures?" My May orders were empty so I left it that way, other than some doujinshi. That crowdfunding I mentioned for Kodomo no Jikan started yesterday so I made a pledge. I hope it gets funded, I'm looking forward to books and goodies. The highest tiers got claimed in no time. I only wish I could drop $1750-2250 like that X_X

Again, thank you, it's good to hear from you again ^__^
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vyseoftheskies4 jaar geleden#7247312It's been a while since we last talked, sorry about that!
I'm a bit upset at myself. I was going to back that Yamatogawa/Vanilla Pure Kickstarter but it completely slipped my mind. It ended on February 29th. :/ Oh well, money saved I guess? But still. :/
I love Hisasi quite a bit, and would be interested in that giant butt bad treatment indeed. Unfortunately, my financial situation right now would probably prevent me from actually going ahead with the purchase, but the want is definitely there.
Any interesting purchase in the time we last spoke? I see that you caved and pre-ordered Belial. I did the same. I'm still angry that she wasn't available at AmiAmi English, since it would be so much easier to simply combine her with my other pre-orders, but at least I got my order in at N-Y before they closed them (which, surprisingly was pretty fast). On the subject of the SDS, I haven't received my Ice Cream Asmodeus, but from review pictures she turned out well. Plus there's the bonus item which is just lewd, not sure if you went for it or not though.
I'm still disappointed in Amakuni's WeddingMasa. Such incredible promise...and they release that. It's not even just the face for me anymore, the more I look at it the more inconsistencies I find. It's also obscenely expensive for that you get. Just bad mews all around. :(
I've limited myself on pre-orders quite a bit, but I did weaken to Belial and a few SkyTube figures. How could I resist Starless/Lewdness and a figure based off Tony Taka's art? I COULD NOT! It does feel nice (somewhat) to get my "Ordered" list down to a reasonable amount.
Anyway, hope things are okay with you! Sorry again for the silence on my end.
(And yes, details on that mousepad, please! I'll probably have to pass, but it still intrigues me, haha.)

It's no biggie, I'm trying to catch up on messages now myself >.<

Oh D: Which tier were you looking at? Or were you just going to get the book? At first I was like "just get the digital ones and save (physical) space." But then, I've been working on getting rid of some stuff and making more room on my bookshelf, and I figured out that buying the digital copies at any time would be cheaper than getting them through Kickstarter. The add-ons and other goodies were nice but nothing I needed.

But then JFC, they sent the mail about KoJiKa and I'm sweating bullets when I think about it. I know some of those top tiers hit like a grand or more and I really hope they don't include any must-have bonuses. /prays

Belial, I'm not sure if I would call it caving, originally I wasn't going to get her but as it is now, I have all 8 sins so I might as well get the 9th, and pray they don't keep adding more. 9 is a healthy roster for color variants AND the Maou line. Hell, some of the girls are still untouched in that regard. (Can't wait for Ice Cream Asmo to arrive!)

Other than that I don't think I ordered anything else. I'm deciding on the Marie/Hazuki set. I'm prepared to bite the bullet but I'm wondering where and how I would display them. They make a complete picture so there's no need for anything else added. But then at one point I pictured putting a huge figure-sized flatscreen TV in front of them and then it became hilarious. Toranoana put out a limited edition version of ITEM #393601 with a Muramasa B2 tapestry and a B2 bath poster of Ethica, so I ordered that. Contemplating the Osomatsu-san petit set and the figFIX Cardcaptor Sakura. I don't care at ALL for the figFIX line, and she's way overpriced, but I want the extra figma faces she comes with.
So yeah... still staying resilient for the most part lol.

My list of problems with that so-called bride is long and harsh. Her face. Her oversized bust. The nipples on the dress, the straps hanging off her shoulders... wedding dresses are meant to be properly fitted and classy. I love the lace on her back but that means the train of the dress is attached to the lace which is attached to the collar on her neck and that's it... ouch. Why are her garters loose? Why is she holding her dress by curling her fingers? I almost want to buy her because I feel like there's no way they can *mass produce* something that horrible without doing some fixes.

I'm not sure who PinkPineapple is, their site looks identical to SoftGarage and they're using the same methods and materials (MJ silicon) to make the almost-same giant butt pad product. Maybe they're a sister company or subdivision. Her name is Mika? I'll try adding it to the DB later.
But yeah... this is the year Hisasi fans go under attack or what?

Again, no worries! Such is the life of busy adults lol.
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