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Hammering my wallet c:
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I really want to order...14

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica - Kaname Madoka - Kyuubey - Nendoroid  (#174) (Good Smile Company)Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica - Kaname Madoka - Kyuubey - Nendoroid  (#175) - School Uniform ver. (Good Smile Company)Pullip  (P-040) - Pullip (Line) - Bloody Red Hood - 1/6 (Groove)Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica - Kaname Madoka - Kyuubey - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Suenaga Mirai - Smart Doll - 001 - 1/3 (Culture Japan)Pullip  (P-129) - Pullip (Line) - Classical Alice - 1/6 - Sepia Version (Groove)Gekijouban Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. - Honma Meiko - 1/8 - Dress-up Chibi Menma (Aquamarine)Pullip  (P-169) - Pullip (Line) - CALLIE - 1/6 - 『Happydolly/Memento』 (Groove)Pullip  (P-170) - Pullip (Line) - CASSIE - 1/6 - 『Happydolly/Memento』 (Groove)Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Akemi Homura - Nendoroid  (#722) - Kimono Ver. (Good Smile Company)Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Kaname Madoka - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Ex☆Cute - PureNeemo - Otogi no Kuni/Little Wolf Koron - 1/6 - Azone Direct Store Sales ver. (Azone)Pullip  (P-209) - Pullip (Line) - Himawari - 1/6 (Groove)Cinnamoroll - Pullip  (P-200) - Pullip (Line) - 1/6 - 15th Anniversary ver. (Groove)




It's been a while since I started collecting figures. I feel like I just started yesterday! I can say that I'm addicted to the hobby plus MFC, hehe.
Also, I just started doll collecting. I'm very much screwed. Doll stuff is pretty expensive. Nope, no BJDs yet since they're very pricey.

Apparently, I have a super soft spot for Nendoroids, and noticeably figures with a bright smile or wearing traditional Japanese clothing (yukata, hakama, etc).
Oh, clothing with frills & maid outfits (gothic, victorian) too <3

I love anime, manga, gaming, anything art related, shopping, and chilling with friends.

I think my fav characters or the characters that leave me the deepest impression (ahem, longing for <3) are:
- Menma from Ano Hana
- Taiga from Toradora
- Azunyan from K-On
- Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS

Anime I shamelessly enjoyedChuuuu
Orochuban Ebichu. <3





Hysterically pervertedteeheehttp://25.media.tumblr.com/fe86cb2b7d2d76e358fb2a16f039f150/tumblr_mnwim6ZIaY1s1srtxo1_500.jpg







terramishu5 jaar geleden#7836808http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/oOvanillaOo/Happybday_zpse2b0b43d.jpg
Happy birthday c:

Awww thanks so much <3
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terramishu5 jaar geleden#7221150Thank you for the kind words! You have an impressive collection as well c: (And I really enjoyed reading your Kohina Pure Neemo blog entry!)
Did you by chance buy lots of dolls from MFC user skullkid? If so, I bought two dolls and a bunch of clothes from them as well xD

I did! I'm excited to receive them (they should arrive within two days). I've only just started collecting dolls the end of last year, so there were a lot of really cute ones I missed, so I'm glad to find people selling them. Are you enjoying your new dolls? :-)
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You have a nice figure collection and a nice doll collection, so I thought I'd send you a FR. :-)
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OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
For database entries please crop the image so that only the specific item is shown. ITEM #397744 The picture also shouldn't have a watermark in it (top left) so please crop that out as well.
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3171692I hope the M bust won't be anything too huge. That reminds me... am I the only one feeling kinda irky when I see Pure Neemo LL busts? It's like inflated beach balls o_o Meh. I'm just biased ^^; I've got a M bust preference in general.
Oh! A blank head? Are you going to do the face-up yourself? I'm actually interested in playing with a blank head and see what I can do with the face-up... but the idea terrifies me. Knowing me, I'll probably botch it up orz
(Wouldn't it be cool to make a side-living by doing face-up commissions though... Hmmhmm~)
Anyway, I'm excited to see your new dolls c:
P.S: I am so grateful I don't have to deal with customs. People always make it sound so terrible and I'm quite sure it's a nightmare... Man that really sucks.

The M bust is kinda on the small side. xD It's the L one that looks a bit off. Hmm... now that you mention it... they kinda do look like that. o.o I don't think it's that bad tho, at least not under clothes~

Yup! I painted PICTURE #1312638's face~ She's the first one so it still looks kinda eh. I wanna re-do it some day. It terrified me at first too and I have messed up a couple of heads before. ^^; It's just a matter of practice though; a good idea would be getting a cheap blank head or two that you'd use only for practice. :3

It does suck. ;w; So far only EMS packages (and fedex/DHL and the like too) have been taxed, so as long as I don't use EMS I'm pretty much safe. ><
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3161799Oh, what did you order from them?
(Your wallet will always love you!)
Would love to see your finished 48cm Obitsu.
Hmmm. Alright, I'll be settling for the 25cm S bust then!

A M bust for the 48cm obitsu (comes with the S bust and, I need some minimal boobs on my girls plskthx I'm not asking for huge ones either), these two wigs parabox.jp/wig/... parabox.jp/wig/..., different eyes for the little Kud, a blank hime-ane head and eyes for it, eyes for a blank mafuyu head I ordered elsewhere and two pairs of eyes that now I don't have a use for because none of my girls have 18mm eyes. orz Actually the hime-ane head and its eyes are a separate order but they shipped on the same day, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still, I fear the customs charge for the first order... With them only using EMS (and I asked them about other shipping methods and basically gave me the middle finger, it's not like EMS is the only registered method omg), anything with a declared value of over 3000 yen is guaranteed to arrive with customs charges.

And sure! It'll still be a while but I'll show her to you when she's done! ^_^ I hope the 25cm S bust works for you~~
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3150356Hehe, thank you!
I couldn't decide on one particular look, so I ordered two wigs and three eyes >__>;;
Here's the "darker" look:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/oOvanillaOo/IMG_4629_zps1fn20y8i.jpg
Time for you to do some shopping for a new wig? :p
To my surprise, their wigs are actually pretty good for its price. I was worried about their quality ^^; The straight wigs are definitely softer and shiner than the wavy one, it seems.
Oh wow you have so many of the bodies! You don't need to take a picture, but thank you though!
I'm actually just curious to know which height/size is closest to a PN M?
I'd like one that would fit M sized costumes (taking bust into consideration) and would at least be able to squeeze in S costumes.

She looks good on this too! ^_^
And I've actually ordered a few things from Parabox a couple of days ago, including wigs. xDDD I settled for another silver one when I wanted the wavy one you got, so I don't really need it now. :3 Plus I'm re-shelling that particular doll onto a 48cm obitsu... My wallet. I'm sorry wallet I still love you. <3

Closest to PNM is definitely the 25cm soft bust body. Which size I have no idea, but if you want it to wear both S and M clothing, I'd go for the small bust to be sure~ Right now mine is wearing a costume labeled for PNS and fits almost like a glove. I don't have any PNM clothes yet, but I'd imagine they'd fit like how PNM clothes fit the PNS body. I'm sorry if it doesn't make much sense, it's the best I can explain. xD; Socks look weird, and shoes... If they're open shoes, they look really big and tend to fall out, but closed shoes (think sneakers and boots) should look just fine~~
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3150229I got my Paradox/Obitsu doll!
You were right to guess that they would restock her head soon ^^
I think I messed up on her body size >_<;;
I did some quick search and thought that the Obitsu 23cm hard body would be like a Pure Neemo S. It's actually between XS and S. Her arms are shorter and her bust is smaller as well. (She's wearing a PN S dress)
Think I'm trying a 25 cm soft body M bust next.

Omfg, she's so cute! Congrats! <3 I have those same eyes as well, and I wanted that wig when I ordered mine but it was sold out. xDDD

Hmmm... I have all three soft bust bodies (23, 25 and 27, all with the S bust), I can take some pics next to XS, S and M PN bodies and with some clothes if you want to see the difference. c:
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3102106http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9mn989df91r7o3ufo3_500.jpg
Happy Birthday =^_^= !!!
Have fun and eat lots of cake. Lots.
*joins you under your rock*
I totally feel you. I do the same thing... Gosh, I spend waaayyyy too much on dolls & accessories. Owning a doll = bye bye wallet
Your Obitsu girl is so adorable! Really love her heterochromia eyes.

Thank you! We'll see about the cake tho. xDD

Omg yes, there's space for two! And definitely! The doll itself may not be too expensive on its own, but...
"Oh look at this outfit!"
"And this one!"
"Omg this one is so cute"
"Ooooh alt hands!"
"Hmm, I could use this"
"and maybe that too"

Dolls can get expensive FAST.

Thanks! Her name's Sophie~ I was really hesitant on the colour choice because I don't really get how heterochromia works, but so far everyone who has commented on her eyes seem to like it, so I guess it's okay. <3
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terramishu6 jaar geleden#3097596Haha, same here. I decided to watch the show because I needed something cute and adorable as well! It's such a positive show, too. I am relieved that Takeo and Yamato have such supportive friends. More specifically, Yamato's girlfriends respecting Takeo as a "different" kind of guy instead of making fun of him.
I can probably guess how much you paid for your DD. Hmm. Maybe $2000? Or am I exaggerating here ^^;
An extra body sounds like a fun project to work with. You could buy custom heads and voila! You've got yourself a unique doll c:
Thanks, I really appreciate your help and kindness! Will definitely ask you in the future whenever I will buy a DD lol.
"Do you think I should spend my entire fortune on this Dollfie? I'll be living under a bridge but it'll be a-okay!"
"Uh... are you crazy?"

For Miku I haven't paid nowhere near close to that. xD For Kud... well, if we count a new body for her and all three of her extra outfits and a couple of things more... it actually does go over that. ^^;;;; *sweats nervously and hides under a rock* orz

Actually I simply moved my 50cm obitsu girl (including her now-baggy clothes lol PICTURE #1312638 so glad that skirt came with suspenders <3) to the old MDD body and called it a day. xDDD I have some spare heads and wigs though, so I can definitely paint one of them and have a new character for that not-in-use obitsu. c:

You're welcome~~ ...And I'd probably say that, followed by a "do it". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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A few princesses to introduce from my collection:






Premium Figure Imports


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