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«Bunnies are life»
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Anime and bunny figure fan. I like collecting 1/4 bunny figures.

My Anime trips plans this year:
Feb 16-20 2018: Tokyo Wonfes Winter
Jul 6-8 2018: Los Angeles Anime Expo
Jul 27-30 2018: Tokyo Wonfes Summer
Aug 9-13 2018: Tokyo Comiket
Dec 27-Jan 1 2019: Tokyo Comiket

Current bunnies as of Mar 2018:


My past collection photos: users.v4.php?cu...

Future Expansion: Current plan for future bunnies 2018-mid 2019. I will need to get a 4th shelf after all the announcements at Wonfes. They keep coming in every year and each year theres more announced than the last year :/
TV serie(s)
Currently watching: Citrus, Violet Evergarden, Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, Darling in the FranXX, Steins;Gate (rewatch before April new season)..................EXCITED FOR: Hero Academia 3, Steins;Gate 0, Shingeki no Kyojin 3
League of Legends
MOE Punt(en)
Long black hair
Canon 5D2, iPhone 7+



No love for Rikka bunny vers? >:o
2 maand(en) geleden
oic °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Thank you for the friend request. ^~^ Your 1/4 bunny display is superb and that Future Expansion outline looks intense. Are you collecting just about every 1/4 bunny announced?
2 maand(en) geleden
VERY nice collection of bunnies!!
3 maand(en) geleden
Thanks for accepting my FR! I love your collection (especially your bunny girls)!
7 maand(en) geleden
take123 (1 jaar geleden) #17067426Here it is: m.ikea.com/us/e...
They have different colors you can pick

Thank you! So you just ordered this specific one?
1 jaar geleden
take123 (1 jaar geleden) #17045360The doors on the Morliden can be adjusted. I learned that after a few weeks of owning them. They can be adjusted to be basically nearly touching each other. I have no gap on mine and no dust goes in.

Would you mind telling me the specific model of bookcase and glass doors you bought?? :3
1 jaar geleden
Doesn't the gap between the morliden doors get annoying for you?
1 jaar geleden
Love your collection! There are so many 1/4 FREEing bunny girls I want, but the shipping is so expensive!
1 jaar geleden
take123 (2 jaar geleden) #6615345i like your bunny collection :3

Thanks! It is definitely a labor of love.

And for everyone else, I am not sure where my brain was but I just now realized I could reply to comments here. Apologies for any rudeness from not replying. It wasn't intentional. Really have no idea what happened, but it is my fault. Very sorry.
2 jaar geleden
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
take123 (2 jaar geleden) #6443554Can you recommend some brushes for painting garage kit! I have crappy Walmart ones and would like to get a good set.Hello~ Do you have a craft store in your town? You don't need to buy the super expensive brushes made of rare animal hair or anything lol. If you're just starting out I recommend buying a variety pack with soft hairs. A good quality brush has hairs will not fall out and fray very easily. After you use those you can figure out which brushes you like best from the pack and if you want to continue hand-brushing you may want to purchase more expensive ones.
2 jaar geleden
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