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Hi there. I'm Terrorhunt. I would like to invite you to this club.

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8 jaar geleden
Looks like the Saber motor box is huge >_> . Also, i got cukai-ed by kastam although my item(Shirahoshi hime) is less than RM400, will never use Fedex again =_=;; . Thought wanna save some money since Fedex is cheaper than EMS but somehow after cukai, it become wayyy~~ more expensive than EMS >_> . Tax-ed RM72, they say 'ini tak tau apa barang, kastam cakap kena cukai, jadi cukai lo' *facepalm* and i have to pay their handling fee as well...
8 jaar geleden
Thanks for informing me, damn....like that, maybe i can try my luck for ultimate madoka lol. I couldnt find saber motor anywhere, no choice but to pre-order at local store, rm630+...damn...
scarface8 jaar geleden#1017492Hi Dexter89,

Just got my Saber Motored yesterday (actually, the item arrived on Tuesday 3rd Jul, but due to work schedule, I managed to get it only on Thursday 5th Jul). Very happy to inform you, Saber arrived safely, without kena any tax by the kastam. They only opened the box for inspection (they sealed it back with the kastam tape "DI BUKA UNTUK PEMERIKSAAN KASTAM"). Who care? Better open for checking than kena tax. Anyway, it is cheaper to buy from amiami and parcel with EMS back to Malaysia than buying from local stores. XL-Shop quite expensive (about RM600++). Till we meet again!


I PO-ed at local shop for more than RM600 =_= , do inform if you got kena tax or not~~~
scarface (7 days ago) #1007053
Just done with my payment via PayPal. EMS shipping to Malaysia quite cheap (3100 Yen). The 13280 Yen is equivalent to RM558.45 . Hopefully, could pass Royal Malaysian Custom without any hassle (as the value surpass the RM500 mark for free tax). ;)

|Fate/Zero - Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier(Preorder) |10,180 JPY| 1|10,180 JPY|
Subtotal: 10,180 JPY
Shipping: 3,100 JPY
Grand total: 13,280 JPY

Shipping method: EMS
Payment method: PayPal
8 jaar geleden
scarfaceWhere did you get the Pedobear?
I got it from here: shop.desutoys.c...
8 jaar geleden
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
You have many of the nausicaa kits! Have you built them yet?
9 jaar geleden
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