• I read your comment you kind of will quit on MFC because..sore eye update MFC.. ;w; I wonder you have blog of collectors webs. I don't mind to bookmark c: I plan to make plurk for notes lists of my fandoms collections. c:
    3 jaar geleden
    riringo3 jaar geleden#21517011Aaa thanks for dropping a message! It was painful to part with her, but I'm very glad to hear you like her! :D

    No problem! I would feel the same way she's such a nice character from a great series! Thanks again and if you're at AN for the weekend enjoy!
    3 jaar geleden
    I think I was the one who bought that Ohana figure! Thanks again she looks great!
    3 jaar geleden
    riringo3 jaar geleden#19027129Nice. xD I'm good! Hope you're doing well!
    I'm fine! Thank you! With my two cats drawing :)
    I've really liked your review of ciel! I decided to buy it <3 I'm not a fan of kurohitsuji but Yana Toboso's art and clothe design is amazing
    3 jaar geleden
    riringo3 jaar geleden#18874769Nice to meet you as well, and thanks for the FR! I see we have similar tastes. xD
    How are you?
    Hahahaha I know!!!! That's why I chose you (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
    3 jaar geleden
    Hey! Nice to meet you c: I really love your collection <3
    3 jaar geleden
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Glad to hear your mom.liked the Love Live girls. They amazing.
    4 jaar geleden
    Thanks for accepting my FR :3
    4 jaar geleden
    Can i add you? xD
    6 jaar geleden
    welcome welcome. if you are who I think you are.... HAI LONG-LOST-WAIFUUU <3

    now I can stalk you. huhuhuhu~ (o Ao)v
    7 jaar geleden
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