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Soliloquy Bang Bang
Hiya! Just swinging by for a warm hello!
Hope all is well!
7 jaar geleden
Soliloquy Bang Bang
pinkbat7 jaar geleden#1285946Oh! Happy Birthday:D hope it's going well

Thank you!! Happy Holidays!!
7 jaar geleden
leitan can (not) advance
pinkbat8 jaar geleden#906789whoa, what is this? :D

sorry, i never noticed your comment about my picture PICTURE #298713 as MFC doesn't notify about comments received on pics!

to answer your question, it's this item: www.amazon.com/...

it comes with a Lagoona Monster High Doll. i got it last year when it was around 1/2 the price it is on Amazon right now, and i bought mine at Toys R Us.

it has 2 panels, the front one can be filled with water while the back panel is completely dry. so you put the figures in the back panel and it appears as if they are underwater when they are not.

it also has a feature where it will make bubbles and rainbow lights pop up in the water, but this is SUPER NOISY so i can only keep it on when taking pictures.

here's another picture i recently took in my 'tank' - PICTURE #476798

hope that helps!
8 jaar geleden
pinkbatHello, I’ve been looking everywhere for Mouryou no Hako - Kanako Yuzuki (Shokubutsu Shoujoen) and I see that you own it. Do you think you could tell me where you got it and how much you paid? And lastly are you willing to sell? Thanks so much for your time :)
Hello. I got her on this site and painted her) www.e2046.com/p...
8 jaar geleden
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