• Hello, I tried mailing, contacting you through your site and whatsapp but I didn't get any reaction unfortunately. Could you give me an update about order 13640? It should have been shipped somewhere in April but that still hasn't happened yet. Could you reply on the email address of my account on your site, please?
    5 dag(en) geleden
    Hello again, Andy (kaseraphte@gmail.com) here. I requested a full refund for two payments i made for a figure I ordered in March, and I still haven’t got a reply. Please respond ASAP please.
    13 dag(en) geleden
    Hi, I'm trying to contact your email more that 2 weeks and no reply.
    I just want to know what my order #20345 status.
    Was it shipping out or not?
    Kindly please reply, thanks.
    22 dag(en) geleden
    Hello, leaving a comment here as there is no reply via email for weeks now. Could you check your email please? I’m kaseraphte.
    29 dag(en) geleden
    Hi. Im trying to contacto shop more than half a year now.
    No reply so maybe you will be able to help?

    I want to know whats going on with my order #33405

    Was it shipped or still not?
    Please, help me.
    1 maand(en) geleden

    My names Louis. I tried PM'ing you, but your inbox is full, sorry!

    I have 36 MegaHouse SOC Zoro's sitting in my house. All brand new and unopened.

    Would you be interested in taking them off my hands? I can provide pictures if need be.


    1 maand(en) geleden
    I would like to know if you have the aqua figma from konosuba available with the bonus
    1 maand(en) geleden

    I bought the Megahouse Edward Elric figure, I emailed more than a week ago and didn't get a reply so I am here leaving a comment. Seems like there is no PM option. I'd like to hear back ASAP please!
    2 maand(en) geleden
    I've had to file with Paypal for a refund. No response to messages, no update on shipping - my order isn't even linked to my account. I have a receipt and order confirmation and that's it. I want to believe they are legit and just having a hard time but it's been almost 2 months.
    3 maand(en) geleden
    joxn005 maand(en) geleden#77444322interesting, I tried to cancel an order because I heard their packing is terrible but I never get a reply and they shipped it anyway, my figure came in good but It was a situation that I didn't likeoh weird
    5 maand(en) geleden
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