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Roleplayer, cosplayer, general anime weeb. Spends way more money on figures and merch than I should but I regret nothing.

I'm a collector of all things Yaoyorozu Momo, so if you're selling something of her that I have on my wished item page please don't hesitate to PM me so we can talk pricing!~

for reference of me as a seller, my eBay feedback: feedback.ebay.c...



I purchased several figures from this user, they were all packaged very carefully and arrived quickly! She was quick to show images of the figures and their condition, and was very nice to work with. 10/10 seller thank you so so much again!!!!!
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Please check your messages from me :)
8 dag(en) geleden
Hi there! It seems your inbox is full :( Are you still selling your Hiyori figure?
15 dag(en) geleden
Sorry for being late again!

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Happy birthday!
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Sorry for being so late!

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Happy Birthday!

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Moribundead モリバンデッド
Happy birthday!
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hi there, i’m just wondering if you’re still selling your HQ!! Suga nendo? i know you advertised a looong time ago but just trying my luck! >_<
2 jaar geleden
Your inbox is full silly! Yes that's cool beans, I'll send an invoice Friday then, thanks!
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