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agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I forgot to say this but ITEM #16728 arrived safe and sound a while back! Sorry for not letting you know before. ♥ Thank you very much!
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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kadacho6 jaar geleden#2217434hiii! how are you??

I'm doing good, lots of things happening this summer, so busy! How is your summer?
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arisutan やれやれだぜ
i didnt know you were a figure collector!!!! hello!!!!!!! i found you here too omg
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kadacho7 jaar geleden#1480633thank you for the friends request!!! I LOVE your gokou ruri and morisawa yuu figure!!! I love love love creamy mami!!!

Thanks :) I love Creamy Mami Too!!
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kadacho7 jaar geleden#1648517ppg ended a while ago, circa 2004? I think and yes there is going to be a special one-episode revival, even though i'm definitely not a fan of the art style...i loved craig mccracken's work, it's so unique! while the new style makes me sad...
aww, i see! do you have netflix? and i like crime/mystery shows, like nightmare next door, or BBC mysteries like inspector poirot. i also love reality TV! what shows do you like??
ohh! where are you vacationing if i may ask? and what type of clothing do you like? o:
textile design? my gosh, that's amazing! my mom wanted me to go for that, but it's just not what i want to do. i'm going to be majoring in fine arts, but i really wish to go for animation!
and oh, ok! that's really nice- dorms are sooo expensive and you get the benifit of eating good food at home, and not gross dorm food ;__;
yes! my roommate is very nice! i'm planning to go kind of with a lace/flowery/vintage? ish feel. i want to use posters of art i like as well! and yes i sooo want to bring some pretty figs with me ;o; what is your favorite figure by the way?

Sorry for the late response! > <;; I've busy so I had little time to spend on mfc. I hope you're doing well though! How is your dorm coming along? I'm really liking the lace/flowery mood, filled with pastel or dusty pinks, beige and ivory! Some minty blues here and there maybe?
I was in Hong Kong for a month, it was wonderful! My favorite clothing is any kind of himekaji style like Liz Lisa! How about you?
Oooh fine arts and animation sounds nice, why not go to animation since you wanted to?
I don't watch much TV but a lot of my friends keep telling me to watch all these shows and some BBC series too! One day I'll start on them...but I also need to keep up with anime shows too argh;;
But anything with mystery or anything intense action would be my kind of TV show!
As for favorite figure...hnng, that's a tough one. I have a top three in my mind though! Lucky Kuji's Kirino Meruru Cosplay ver, Nekomiya Nono swimsuit ver and Erio Touwa beach queen hehe~ There's probably more in the back of my mind I really love but those are the ones I think of first!
How about you? ^ ^
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kadacho7 jaar geleden#1640621I definitely will finish mawaru Penguindrum! It's by the same director who did revolutionary utena, which I love!
PPG is such a great show! I wish the American cartoon industry was as flourishing as it is in Japan, honestly ;; I miss ppg and wish there were more shows like it!
aww, you're right! I think one or two per year would be fine ^^ I also have a huuuuge weakness for clothing, but I have been keeping myself under control! (mostly) I also loooove TV! I'm a huge tv junkie...do you watch it?
oh! cool!! what is your major in college? I'm also going to be dorming but the commute is an hour to home >< how did you decorate your dorm if you don't mind me asking? I'm stuck on what to do with mine!

Ooh! A friend told me to watch Revolutionary Utena too, I'll definitely put it on a plan to watch list!
Is PPG still going on right now? I hear that there might be a new series soon but I don't know if it's just a rumor. I don't watch too much TV, usually I watch shows online on the computer haha! What are your favorite shows?
Ahh I'm also a clothing addict too...I'm currently on vacation and I've been non stop shopping >: ! I still need to pay off my pre-ordered figs soon too...!
I'm currently majoring in textile design, what are you majoring in?
Since I can commute to home easily, I'm still living in my own home right now, I don't have a dorm sorry! But will you have a roommate? Maybe you can decorate with a few posters and just fill your side of the room all pink and frilly! (And some figures on the side too...hehe)
7 jaar geleden
kadacho7 jaar geleden#1634650hi!! how are you doing? ^^

Pretty okay! How are you? I apologize for not replying to our previous conversation in PM. I actually lost track of PMs that I answered and didn't answer and I have so many to reply to D:
I do this a lot...

Anyways, so what's up? Anything new with art or figures or life in general?
7 jaar geleden
kadacho7 jaar geleden#1637358Mawaru Penguindrum is great! I never finished it but it's very lovely. ^^ hmm, my favorite anime are madoka magica and sailor moon ^^ I actually love so much anime/manga, so it's hard to choose all of them! I also love cartoons very much. my favorite show(and cartoon) is powerpuff girls!
I also love cute and sexy figures! (especially girls) I agree, so many lovely WF ones! but I need to put my hobby on hold for a while due to going to college ;0;
I like junk food, I must admit...sweets and junk food.. ;_; what about you?
do you like to draw? are you in college?

Definitely finish watching it! ^ ^
Woo! Madoka Magica is also wonderful, I agree, it's hard to choose only one! I haven't watched Powerpuff girls since I was little though ; u; I miss it!
Good point, but maybe during college you can treat yourself to a figure or two! I'm currently in college, except it is easy to commute to home so I still have a bad figure buying habit > <;;
Yay! I love all kinds of sweets and I am a potato chip junkie D: So unhealthy but so good!
7 jaar geleden
kadacho7 jaar geleden#1634978oh, ok! of course ^^ so, what is your favorite anime, color, and what are your favorite type of figures? ^^

Ahh for anime it's hard to decide ; u; ! If I had to choose I really enjoyed Mawaru Penguindrum!
For color, I love all pastel colors! Especially pastel pink (* u *) !
For figures, anything that's cute or cute and sexy at the same time haha! I mainly try to get figures of my favorite girls but the wishlist of figures just added up after WF2013! Argh;;

How about you? :D
Also what's your favorite snack?
7 jaar geleden
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.




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