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hello everyone!!
i started collecting in early 2013 and have been gradually growing my collection ever since huhauaehuahuae i'm a jobless student though (orz) so i don't have much money to spend... nevertheless i am determined to buy figures of characters i really like when i get the chance!
i have been watching anime since i was four (ha ha ha) and i discovered manga when i was .. 7?? nowadays i usually like reading the manga before i watch the anime. i grew up around this stuff since my older sisters liked it too. ;w; i also like to play video games ~
thank you for visiting this page (^ω^)


agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Hello, I've sent you a couple messages regarding ITEM #396877 and have not gotten a reply. Are my messages going through?
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Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
immaggot3 jaar geleden#17408547YIKES I'M LATE maybe go to sydney for a weekend or so? it's really expensive though (i think it's the most expensive city in australia OTL)
YAYYY have fun at wonfes!! take many sneaky pics JK JK tell me all about it when you go!! i'm in indonesia atm to visit family LOL the internet isn't that great though so rip when i try to play games online........
YES THE COUPLE SKATE AT THE END MANN NAJKAANAKAKSFASDASD OOOHH YAY take photos of the cafe please!! i really wanna see it
OHHH VERY NICE you got a whole heap of things! uhh we don't do a lot during christmas but my sister bought me kingsglaive and a gift card for battle.net LOL and i got FFXV and the P5 preorder yayyy
has the wig for your bjd arrived yet? D:
NICE i haven't bought any figures in a while aaaaaaaaaa i don't really have much space for anything new anyway so OTL

I'm so excited for it :D I'll take lots of pictures :DDDD do you have a snapchat or anything?? ill probably put lots on my story on there! ooooooh are you having fun there? ive never been but id love to go at some point.
I KNOW wow yuri on ice was just great, im so happy with it. i still need to get P5, i should have preordered the limited edition but i'll try to get that hopefully.
have you been enjoying FFXV??? I just finished the day before yesterday and now im devastated LOL but it was such a good game, i love prompto so much. also he has the same VA as Toudou from yowapedal which makes me really happy. all of his goofy selfies are the best. i really want to buy his play arts figure but also they arent the best...but i think i'll look for it when i get to japan maybe.
i'll definitely take pictures in the cafe :D i hope i can get a booking.
YES it arrived I'll take some pictures of him today!!
i started buying LOTS but now im saving because its only a bit over three weeks till i go. i just paid for my native aoba as well RIP but hes great so its okay. i also bought root letter for the ps4 which looks pretty fun haha, but i dont feel like starting anything after finishing ffxv :'( im looking forward to the dlc and multiplayer for it. i also finally finished the dr3 anime and i was super happy with how it ended :D
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immaggot3 jaar geleden#16877188OH HELLO IT'S BEEN A WHILE ASJDHAJKSD
OMG well at least you'll eventually go to one one day if everyone's interested HAHA i think sydney's gonna have a maid cafe open soon??? have you heard of uncle tetsu's? it's like some japanese cheesecake shop and they're gonna open a maid cafe themed one soon in the city omg akjsdhjkasgasd
UMMM do you mean ep 10? IT WAS SO ASDJKHASKJAD LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST MAKE IT OFFICIAL YOU TWO... JEEZ... i haven't watched ep 11 yet but i'm gonna watch it tonight!!
i really loved gundham and sonia!! but i also liked chiaki, kuzuryuu and hinata :D also i had like weird vibes from komaeda... like... did he like hinata... ??? on another note dangan island was really fun it's just like the dating sim ver LOL
that's good to hear!! what did you get for your birthday?
is it racing miku 2016? she's super cute aksdjhakjs
IT'S BEEN A WEEK SINCE YOUR LAST REPLY SO MAYBE YOU HAVE THE WIG NOW if you do can you send pics ;w; i wanna see your bjd 100% complete weew
OHH so do you have both versions of kageyama and hinata?? dang my kageyama is still lonely... rip in peace my boy...

Ooooooooh that sounds awesome! I really want to go to sydney again too.
also i have great news :D i booked my flights and accommodation for japan!!!! im going feb 6-20 and im going to wonfes as well :D im so excited!!!!
yuri on ice ended in the best way possible :')))) im VERY happy about it! im going to go to the animate cafe while im in japan too if i can get a booking :D im so excited!
birthday and christmas were great! i got the idolish7 first album collectors edition, mystic messenger collectors editions, a few figures, some art books, plushies etc. how about you?
no wig yet D: hopefully its not lost in the mail...we'll see :(((
yes i got both versions of the haikyuu boys! they were great prices so i had to get them! im just after kenma now and i have the rest preordered luckily :D
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immaggot3 jaar geleden#16363428YAYY HAVE FUN IN JAPAN!! i think i'm going at the end of next year??? but i don't think i'll be going to a maid cafe because my family would think i'm weird hahaah
it's okay you'll improve with time! you can draw digitally now :D
SAME i think i'm behind my two eps though.. ;A; i need to catch up LOL i've been playing dangan ronpa 2 instead and omg... trial 2 was so sad.. ;___; i almost cried ajksdhkjasd
oh YEA my friend said she really liked zen's route too since he's really romantic or something like that haha
OH YES PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR BJD i've never really seen one so i'm interested in how you'll make yours
niceee the miku has really nice hair omg you could also give her one of the old racing mikus since i think they're pretty cheap now ?__? I'M NOT TOO SURE i really liked the 2011 design though

my family for some reason is really interested in going to one but it'll be sooo embarrassing D: did you see the newest episode of yuri on ice?????? ahhhhh it was so good, i loved it :'( :'( :'(
trial 2 was so sad....i miss dangan ronpa 2, im gonna replay it soon. who is your fave character???
yes i had a great birthday!!!!! i didnt get up to that much but it was fun nonetheless.
ooooooooh yes a racing miku! she'd love that. i LOVE the new raicng miku figure that got announced, shes sooo preeetty.
heres some pics of my new bjd :DD his wig isnt here yet but hes still really cute :DDD also ive been buying so much lately...rip my wallet xD finally got kageyama and hinata nendos, and now i have the two jersey versions coming and nishinoya too :D imgur.com/a/9C6...
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immaggot3 jaar geleden#15928389YUP i have an exam tomorrow ..... and i'm procrastinating... haha ... that's me... <___> oohhh i see i see
it's okay i probably would have been way too embarrassed to enter as well omg i think i'd only be able to enter a maid cafe with a friend rip actually i think i'd still be embarrassed even when i'm in LOL OH WELL it's ok you can probably try again when you go to japan!!
OOHHH a tablet have fun with that! i have a tablet but it's really old and i haven't used it in a while.. LOL it's probably dead by now
i thought yuri on ice was about girls when i first heard about it but boy was i wrong omg also that's nice to hear! :D YEAH MAN.. 10 EPS WHAT they're probably only doing that because they don't wanna catch up to the manga and make random filler eps haha so i guess it's okay... tsukki's face plates are the best HAHA but i don't have him rip in peace also np! i hope you enjoy the anime it's quite funny LOL AND SUREEE i'll check it out after my exams are over (crying)
oh no it's fine! your holiday was more important so nw at all!!! i'd like to give you a birthday gift but idk what.. ;___; and it probably wouldn't reach you in time ajskhdakkjJKFDSKJASD
my friend finished all of it but here i am.. i still haven't done any other route.. LOL cry i wanna do yoosoung, zen and jumin before 707 but idk if i'm patient enough for that tbh D:
OH YEAHHH THE BJD why don't you just get that then? and you can buy cute clothes and accessories too
what about ice skating lessons for a birthday gift? and a nendo maybe IDK LOL

i hope your exams went well :D
it looks like i might be going on a cruise in japan next june so i'll definitely get to go to another maid cafe...if i can enter it without being too embarrassed...
i got the tablet ^_^ its lots of fun but ive never used anything like it so im not great...
i know only 10 eps :'( but you're probably right, less filler is probably a good thing. im really enjoying it though! yessss i love his faceplates so much omg.
you dont have to worry about birthday presents or anything ^_^ i probably wont be up to much on my bday, i have the day off but the kids will be at school so there wont be much to doooo.
i love yoosungs and zens routes!!! i liked jumins too but he was less my taste. i reaaaallly hope they ass in more routes, they were talking about V and Unknown routes which would be so awesome. ALSO yes i FINALLY bought a bjd! its still on its way but ill send photos once he gets here :DDD
i'll hopefully be able to take her ice skating for her bday :D for christmas i got her ITEM #78582 since she wants to collect lots of mikus :D
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Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
immaggot3 jaar geleden#15906571ah............ 6 days late i'm sorry T___T i'm in my exam period atm BUT IT'S ALMOST OVER YES.......
why did you have to look after your cousins?? :o glad to hear that you're taking a break!!
omg yeah taht would have been weird LOL thankfully you actually got to sleep asjkdhkajsd OOOOOOOOHH THAT SOUNDS SO FUN did you check out the maid cafe and escape games??
aww nooooooo D: it's okay you'll get another chance to go to japan one day!! at least you had extra $$$ for the animate stuff amirite HAHA i haven't gotten anime merchandise in a while... nothing has really caught my eye lately ;___;
oh yeah SAME yuri on ice is great LOL oh wait what REALLY HAIKYUU IS ONLY 10 EPS WTF i didn't even know that nooooooooo.... i haven't played touken ranbu in a while because there's like weird lag when i do play T___T so i'm glad the anime is out.. i'm also watching s5 of natsume yuujinchou! OH i think you'll enjoy an anime called watashi ga motete dousunda it's pretty funny OH GAKUEN HANDSOME IS GREAT LOL the ed animation is the best it had me in tears
your birthday is in 2 weeks right?? i love that your grandma knows what you like and gifts you that stuff it's amazing haha OHHH mystic messenger i still haven't played any route other than jae hee's... i really wanna play 707's though I'M SURE YOU'LL FIND THE THINGS YOU WANT just look through your mfc wishlist JK
hmmm what does she like? i think she liked haikyuu right (??) you could buy her nendos from there

All good :DDD i hope they've gone well for you! haha i watch them a lot because i live with them and their mother is out a lot, so they're always with me. now that they have school though i have free time during the day! yay!
i sooo wanted to go to the maid cafe but the maids were standing out the front and they were like adorable and everything was so sparkly and white xD i couldnt work up the nerve, even if my step dad said we could go in together. i was super shy about it for some reason haha
yeah I want to go early next year if i can, im seriously considering it. yeah i havent bought a whole lot lately, i bought myself a wacom tablet, and preordered some yuri!!! on ice things but thats about it i think.
yuri on ice is really sooooo good, my cousin ben has it on his favourites list which is a new thing for him, he'd never have enjoyed something like that before. its nice to watch it with someone else though. YES omg only 10 episodes, when i found out i was really disappointed :'( hopefully they announce a fourth season then?? idk...i still cant wait for my haikyuu nendoroid releases~ tsukki turned out awesome. ohhhh i havent played in a bit either :'( i want to, but havent found that much time. saying that, im still playing idolish7 so i must have some time lol. i'll check out watashi ga motete dousunda :D thanks for the recommendation! it looks really good. you should watch nanbaka if you havent yet! its funny ^_^
thank you for sending your address yay :D i should have reminded you before i left but it was all a mess while i was getting ready to go xD
yes its really soon ^_^ haha my grandma is lovely, she knows what i like <3
ohhh you should totally do 707s! it was really nice (but kind of heart wrenching). I love MM so much :') i've also been playing another mobile game called Liar! which is fun.
you're so right xD i have so many things in my wishlist yet cant decide what i want...i still really wanna get my first BJD, i was thinking of getting a Kid Delf Luts Yuz (he's really cute). Since Native's Aoba got pushed back to January I could probably get it if I wanted to.
yesss haikyuu nendoroids would be good for her, but i want them all to myself too xD since shes watching yuri on ice too she really wants to learn to ice skate, and she wants the nendoroids as well. i'll keep an eye out for some for her though! :D
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Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
immaggot3 jaar geleden#15433970oh my gosh 12 days ago I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON MFC LATELY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELLO THOUGH!!! haha it's ok i see you on bnet playing WoW and i'm playing OW sOOOO
i'm happy to hear that the trip was great! how was the sky diving and stuff?? dudee that's so sad... sleeping in the airport must have sucked (and paying extra money ajksdhjkasd).. was there an aircon at least? D:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA $500 AHHAHA OMG HOWWW i'd be too scared to spend that much.. i'd probably only spend like.. at most $100 HAHA i'm so cheap x__X
I'VE BEEN GOOD my second semester of uni is almost over but that means i have my finals soon... <___> AND .. IVE BEEN PLAYING OVERWATCH .. YEAH.. what's new am i right LOL aaaah yeah all the anime! there's a lot of good ones this season what are you interested in?

That's okay XD ive been super super busy too with my little cousins! thankfully they're back at school now so I have a little time to myself.
sleeping on the floor is sooo weird xD like, i didnt think i'd be able to sleep with the amount of noise and people walking past me. its the first time i've ever used a face mask and it was really helpful. everything was great! animate in bangkok was really fun and they had a maid cafe, arcades, real life escape games, all sorts! they did have aircon...it was on so high i froze during the night haha.
i was meant to go to japan at the end of our thailand trip but it turned out to change the flight times was going to cost $700 so we couldnt do it :'( thats why i had so much money to blow at animate, since i was saving for that D: it was all pretty expensive but i liked what i bought anyway.
im enjoying yuri!!! on ice ofcourse...i think everyone is...haikyuu! season 3 is great, but only 10 episodes :( Nanbaka is really funny. Touken Ranbu! :D also Gakuen Handsome....I'm not watching that much but im enjoying them all.
i still have to finish some from last season that i missed while i was away. ALSO you still gotta resend me your address :D at the rate its going it'll be a christmas present xD
OH! my birthday is pretty soon! my grandma got me the idolish7 first album limited edition and a friend got me the Mystic Messenger RFA pack, im not sure what else i should grab though D: im not sure what i wanttttt its so hard xD mia wants me to get her some more nendos for her birthday and christmas too, so im trying to work out which ones as well.
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immaggot4 jaar geleden#13655295SOUNDS SO FUN!! are you gonna go to the theme parks in QLD?? how long will you spend altogether? :D try to steer clear from street food in thailand because i think it might give you an upset stomach.. BUT I'M PRETTY SURE SINGAPORE IS 100% FINE
yeah ikr ;__; i was glad that none of my absolute favourites died in dangan ronpa.. did any of yours die? ;A; omg IT WAS IBUKI BTW!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS SPOILED AKJSDHAKSHDJK i was like wow she is very cute i hope she does not die-- "status: deceased" ... oh...
ooohh tell me how it goes you should show me the finished product!
you can just play it on your PC with an emulator so you don't have to spend any money (haha pirate life) the games are relatively short so i hope you have fun solving those puzzles
omfg LOL THANK YOU AUSPOST AHHA they've done that to my friend before aksjhdaksd BUT YAY I'M GLAD IT WASN'T LOST IN TRANSIT

I'm finally back! YAY! Well, I got back around a week ago but I've been resting up (also catching up with World of Warcraft.....)
The trip was awesome! I did lots of fun things although...we missed out flight on the way home :( They changed the time and didn't tell us and we had to buy new ones and sleep in the airport :'( it was a long night.
I went to animate in Bangkok and is was really cool but still pricey, I ended up spending like $500 there though rip.
How have you been anyway??? I have to catch up on anime D: all the new ones are starting and I still havent finished the old ones!!
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immaggot4 jaar geleden#13273825OHHH is it the singapore trip you talked about a while ago?? at least i think it was singapore.. i just remember you were gonna do sky diving and exciting stuff!! HAVE FUN!!
ohh i see okay, i might check it out then. aww nooo i hate being spoiled for endings ;__; MY FRIEND ALMOST ALWAYS SPOILS ME UNTIL I SHUT HIM UP OMFG spoilers are the worst omfg i spoiled myself on a character death in dangan ronpa 2 and i really didn't want her to die..
HAHA it's okay, it's very cute! hope you get more things wally themed in the future
AAA YEAH IT'S OK saving for your trip is more important buy it only when you can ^^ well it's okay i think if you play as her for a while you'll get the hang of it!! that happened to me with d.va I WAS SO TERRIBLE AT HER but i think i'm getting better so all good. i wanna play more offense characters but people rarely choose support so .. I'LL BE THERE also i've added you! i'm guacamole
still haven't watched relife aaa and my uni starts soon rip YEAH I KNOW... I HATE THAT SAD ENDING FOR SAKAMOTO DON'T DO THIS TO ME...
my friend really likes gundam and atm i don't have a favourite (since i just finished the prologue) BUT WE SHALL SEEEEE i haven't continued dangan ronpa because i'm currently playing virtue's last reward so yea.. OHH I THINK ZTD IS A LITTLE CONNECTED TO 999 .. ?? so probably best to play 999 > vlr > ztd! you can DL an emulator (i use desmume) and DL the 990 ROM from any website ORRR you can just play 999 on your DS if you have one (just get it with an R4 HAHA)
yep that ep was really .. the worst ALL KINDS OF BAD FEELINGS i hope you'll enjoy it if you decide to watch it :D
THANK YOU OMFG YEAH I'M REALLY WORRIED ;A; i hope everything will turn out alright.. it'll be such a waste of your money if it did get lost in transit ajksdhaksdsad

Yeah Singapore and Thailand :D its only about a month till i fly to queensland and then i go from there. on the way back im spending a week there too! :D
omg i knoooow, it made me not want to play the game anymore :'( it was so sad. whos death?? i didnt get spoiled for any which was good, phew.
im making a wally nendoroid/obitsu right now :D i need to get the hair piece for it still though. also a few more faceplates.
ohhhh okay i'll go buy 999 or get an r4 card then xD i used to have an old one but i think i need a new one for my 3ds rip.
ALSO i called up and they had no clue, so i went in and they'd dropped it behind the counter...rip....at least it was found xD but front got ripped so i have to put your address on it again but i cant find it, could you send it again ^_^ ??
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nice laslow... classic laslow... LOL IT'S OK birthright is great cause you can grind so there's less thinking involved but it's mot time consuming. what's ozmafia?? i saw an anime on it, is it fun?
AAAAAAAA OH NO I HAVEN'T READ THE MANHWA YET OMFG i haven't read any manga in a long time now.. orz ahh that's so sad i cry when there's nothing official.. can i see what it looks like?
widowmaker has been nerfed so she has no more one shot body kills and you have to aim for the head which is a bit difficult if you suck (MEEEE) have you gotten it yet? send me your battle.net id if so!!
YES IM SO EXCITED last time i checked it was released in another.. 65 days or something.. such a long wait T___T
i'm gonna binge watch relife but the mood for it hasn't kicked in yet ahHAJKSDHKJAS OH YEAH..... I READ THAT IT'S SO SAD.. ican't believe it omg i just want sakamoto to be an alien from space returning to his home planet not this
i wanna watch dangan ronpa 3 but my friend told me there'd be spoilers if i didn't know about 2 first.. D: SO IM PLAYING THROUGH THAT RIGHT NOW!! also i played 999 it was pretty good i enjoyed it a lot and now i'm playing VLR on the vita ;w; also re:zero is a good anime i thought it'd be a harem anime but as it progresses it's gotten really great!
ALSOOOO i haven't gotten the stuff you mailed to me.. D: i'm scared that it got lost in the mail somehow (thank u aus post JK)

That's okay :DD I'm heading on a holiday soon as well which will be great funnnn
ohhh ozmafia is a visual novel, there is like a short style anime of it coming out this season which doesnt follow the same storyline but its cute. i like the story but i was really spoiled for the ending :'(
yesss here it is imgur.com/a/3EK... the pictures really BAD sorry D: but i love it so much, the face on the left is my favourite!
noooo i havent gotten it yet, ive been saving for my trip but i should really just buy it. RIP widowmaker sounds really hard now, im such a bad aim. my ID is Gabmag#1698 though so feel free to dd me for when i do get it! i mostly play wow and sometimes hearthstone...
oh nooo its still so long away, i didnt even realise! relife was pretty good, i watched it with my cousina nd he was super in to it. i didnt SUPER like the ending but it was still pretty good. oh god the sakamoto stuff is just too sad :'( i had a lot of fun with the series until learning about that theory RIP
omg yes there are huuuge spoilers thats for sure, but dangan ronpa 2 is lots of fun to play anyway so its worth it. my favourite is kuzuryuu forever <3 but komaeda is great too. ohh i REALLY want to play 999 because the new one looks great, i was thinking of just playing the newer one first but i didnt know if there'd be any spoilers or anything, although they seem to be disconnected so it might be alright??? i haven't seen re:zero but i've heard lots of good things about it from friends, they said a recent episode was really sad/heartbreaking too. i really oughtta watch it!
OH NO! Really?? I'll call them up about it today then :( thats so sad to hear, i hope it turns up. I'll let you know what they say!!!
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