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iTheShirt (1 jaar geleden) #27595600How did you like Erased? And what's the name of this show?

I have to say I loved Erased at first till about ep 6 then it started a downward spiral that it could never come out of. I have my full thoughts on my Mall list. I always for the most part write a review of the anime with spoiler tags in my list.

As for the anime you requested info on it is called Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? I gave it a solid 8


I even own a daki
1 jaar geleden
Such a beautiful profile *Q* really well done!
3 jaar geleden
Hey been a while ..

Looked over some comment posts here and saw you have Rinne No Lagrange on your watch list.. Have you done so yet?

If not then that should be your next up. Really enjoyable. The music is awesome if you like orchestral music. I wish that I could watch a great orchestra like the Phil Harmonic playing some of the music in this show. Its that good.

Its even on my Anime play list with 3 different versions of the same song LOL

Hope you are doing well.

= )

3 jaar geleden
iTheShirt (3 jaar geleden) #3085779Rinne no Lagrange. lol Great show.
Thank you!
Yeah it sure seems like it, gonna add this to my plan to watch list lol
3 jaar geleden
iTheShirt (3 jaar geleden) #3085773Which one? ^^d
That one xD
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1kkzvt0DS1qzqnxxo1_500.gif
3 jaar geleden
Please tell me where the gif on your profile is from, please!
3 jaar geleden
iTheShirt (3 jaar geleden) #2993071Out of the figures you own, which is your favorite? And welcome!

Thank you! It is very hard to choose a favorite. If I absolutely had to, it would be the 1/7 Saber by Kojima Shou of Kotobukiya.
3 jaar geleden
iTheShirt (3 jaar geleden) #2981720What's that show with the Mercedes Benz on it? Is it full of action? Sci-fi? Mystery.. It looks interesting but I can't tell the genre.


well its not a show at all. it's an ONA advertising the new A-Class launch in Japan. It is about 3 min long but I liked the car enough on there to shop around to get one for myself. The actual anime is cool but way far fetched as far as what a car can do. it was entertaining though. Not that I would make mine do the same steps as theirs when I get it.

View spoilerHide spoilerwww.nyaa.se/?pa...

And here it is when I designed my own on the Japanese site

3 jaar geleden
Thanks for the welcome, but I haven't filled my entire collection in here yet.
4 jaar geleden
iTheShirt (4 jaar geleden) #2971884What a spendifurioiusly colorful avatar..why thank you.
4 jaar geleden
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