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Welcome to my page


🎐 🖊 🌼 Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! 💌 ✂️ 🍊

A little info on my collecting journey: I started casually collecting nendoroids in 2018 and began collecting seriously in 2020. I mostly collect nendoroids and non-scale figures right now but maybe I will save up for a scale soon! This is a fun hobby that has brought me a lot of happiness. I have been a fan of all things cute and all things anime since I was a kid. Figure collecting is the perfect combination of those two passions!

I hope you have a great day, Happy Collecting!
- C ♥

wished = actively shopping for, hoping to find for good price
favorites = not hunting, but I like it. Maybe I'll buy some time



Thank you! <3
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Thank you! But my birthday is next month rip I messed up on MFC ;_;
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Thank you so much!
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Now I see the reply button haha youre welcome c:
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Hi! Im new to this website so I cant properly reply to your comment on my picture but Id be more than happy to respond leaving a comment on your page. I got my acrylic stands off Amazon. I will send a link they were decently priced as well and they truly fit nendoroids or funko pops as well perfectly~


Pretty sure I got the two pack for 21$ and it was perfect but I would go for the bigger size if you like to display them not pegged in the middle aka center of the nendo square is the advice I think I should share XD. Cuz it needs to be in the center peg for the smaller size cuz I have the the smaller one which rlly does work still but you have to have the nendoroid in a certain position haha
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MiyukiHayami ナビ ミユキ
Thank you for the FR!
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Aww, thank you!
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Thank you for the birthday wish!!!
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sorry im late but happy birthday! https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/05/15/2717513.png
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happy birthday :)
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naruto / hq / mha / jjk / any and all shojo
Atelier series / animal crossing / stardew valley / WoW
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