«Drifting as I dream, I'll wake up soon.»
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I have Asperger Syndrome, normies plox fuck off.
Hi! I'm your next door 13 year old autistic girl and welcome to my Mfc profile customized by the fucking amazing Sab (COLONEL).

You can talk to me in Dutch and English, but I warn you, my Dutch isn't the best at the moment haha.

I have a twitch which I try to stream on every weekend, I play games with my best irl friend (LOGO807) and occasionally on my own, I play games like: Osu!, Titanfall 2, Danganronpa and much more! I'm still new to streaming so don't expect too much from me haha! Tune in if you want to~


Contact me through Discord: franjandar#1467 !

And feel free to add me in Fate Grand Order: 191,386,500 !


I started collecting after I went to Japan last year in May, I spend the whole time in Japan looking for a Nagito figure but instead of finding him I found a lot of prize figures for really cheap that I ended up buying and I ended up buying another Nagito scale, although it was not the one I was searching for, I couldn't find the one I wanted.

My favourite figure I own is: ITEM #463475

My best friend (and secret mother) KORLAX
My mom (but secretly only my big sister) COLONEL
My dad (Dutch Master 1000) MASHIROMAI
My biggest sister (The Best Girl) MILLYPARIS
My biggest brother (Pure Boi) FRANKO
The best boy (And my secret love) LOGO807

I also make shitty Memes
Are you sure you wanna do this?Welcome to Hell
Chihiro has a bigus dickus
This is my Sonic OC, pls don't steal.
I spend 4 hours on Mspaint making this, I'm still not finished.
TV serie(s)
🌸 Violet Evergarden, Kimi no Na wa, Mekakucity Actors, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, Satsuriku no Tenshi
🌸 Bakuman, Kagerou Days, Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu!!, Death Note
🌸 Persona, The Legend of Zelda, Danganronpa, Titanfall 2, Fate/Grand Order
MOE Punt(en)
🌸 Bishonens, White hair, Mentally ill, Red eyes, Nagito Komaeda
🌸 Eve, Kagerou Project, PinocchioP, Ewe, Mafumafu