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I fell into the world of figure collecting indirectly - via my interest in 3D. I've been doing 3D art for more than 10 years, and these figures are in a sense 3D fantasy 'made solid'.

With an artistic background (my father was an established artist and art historian) my first interest when it comes to the figures is the quality of sculpt, the beauty of the figure, the pose and the paintwork. I'm not all that interested in who the character is, the origin and so on. I see my collection as art - much in the same way as one might appreciate a painting, without being too concerned who the person(s) in the painting might be.

And of course, being as fascinated by beautiful women/girls as I am, this is the perfect combination of these things. SO many of these figures are so very beautiful and/or sexy.
For much the same reasons I've been collecting comic book art for many years and have a large collection of stuff like Frazetta, Sorayama, Serpieri etc.

Apart from figures I am very interested in photography (I also work as a photographer amongst many other things).

And perhaps most of all - music. With quite a large collection of guitars, mostly Gibsons, and my own recording studio. I play both guitar and bass and sing, blues and rock. Electric and acoustic.

And of course listening to music... I own thousands and thousands of records. Actual records, both vinyl and CD. Not mp3s. I listen to so many different styles of music, there is absolutely no limit. Anything from ritual witchdoctor's chants recorded in Kenya, to Rammstein to Dead Can Dance. Or Nat King Cole, or Joy Division, or Jimi Hendrix or Rihanna - whatever catches my fancy at any moment.

With an intense interest in current affairs, news, economics, politics and history there's no shortage to things to keep me interested. I wish I could watch 5 TV channels at once....
TV serie(s)
Monty Python
Lord of the Rings
Stopped loooong ago
MOE Punt(en)
Tights, tits, tentacles, traps.....
Thousands of things
Nikon D800, Nikon D90, Canon XF100, Sony F828, Canon SX100, Panasonic MX300
Self-built PC w Win7


hi, i was just wondering if you remembered how much you sold your Hajimete no Oishasan for? i'm thinking of buying a two pack but would only keep one, so i'm debating on whether it's worth it or not.

(i would message you but your inbox is full)
5 jaar geleden

would you sell your Pachira from Max Factory?:)
6 jaar geleden
Åh! En till från Sverige! Har aldrig träffat någon annan från Sverige som samlar på statyer. Vore kul om vi kunde vara vänner på siten.

/ Eclipse
7 jaar geleden

Thank you for your reply and the offer. But unfortunately I have bought the two sets already somewhere else.

But if you say you want to sell a large part of your collection, I am interested in other figures from your collection too! Maybe you want to sell them?

ITEM #11711

ITEM #24685

EDIT: I sent you this message again even as PM, just in case:)
7 jaar geleden
Hey :)

I just wanted to ask you something about the O-ji Collections. You have both of them and I would like to buy them too but I'm unsure. Are they worth 80 Euro ( for both Sets) And what about the size and manufacture/ quality? Everything's well done?

It would be great if you could help me, thanks! :3
7 jaar geleden
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
fishnoseHi! Yes it's very fine guitar. And ridiculously expensive! New it would cost about $10K... I bought it used over eBay for a LOT less.
And what is good about a guitar like this is it doesn't lose its value. I can sell it for more than I paid. So the money isn't used up, it's 'invested' lol.
Never buy a guitar new! Used guitars are better in every way. Sound better, look better and cost a lot less.
I've seen some at our guitar shops for quite a bit =X but the 2nd hand shop that I picked my brownsville thug at didn't have any at the time :( they look so pretty in person though(gibsons).Nice videos! I only know how to play the pokecenter theme from pokemon xD www.youtube.com...
8 jaar geleden
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
your guitar is beautiful *_* I hope to own a gibson one day =P I have a Gold Brownsville Thug ^^
8 jaar geleden
HEY HEY HEY George :D how are you?
8 jaar geleden
sorry for that, but your inbox is full! i will write you here my answer:

yes i think so too.. i was still awake because of your answer and my love to tamaki.. here it's already 12:18 pm.. so good night from me and to you a nice day.. thank you that you understand it! i leave her on ordered then and happy to hear that.. :) hope that she won't get another home than mine :) see you tomorrow. maybe? i will make you a FR before i go to bed...
8 jaar geleden
tamaki beach ball vers. please write back.. Oô
8 jaar geleden
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