Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
for some little bits and pieces of love ⁺₊ ♡
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I am still new to collecting such therapeutic things but hello there ~
my name is eca, in twenties, sag moon and welcome to my personal haven space https://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkl6z0z4pI1qfamg6.gif

Purchased my first ever figure last 11/24/2020!
Collecting was something I’ve been planning since waaay back but only got to start recently ♡
I mostly collect scales & lots of goodies (artbooks, charms, osts especially in vinyl, etc.)
though I occasionally find myself purchasing prize and PUP ones that I really like ^^

I may not be able to update my collection regularly,
but still, thank you for having me here ⁺₊ ⟡

https://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loepgtqoUi1qhcep0.gif https://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loepcrNSAs1qhcep0.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loepcrNSAs1qhcep0.gif http://olhar-43.net/conteudo/minigifs/11/111.gif https://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loepcrNSAs1qhcep0.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_loepcrNSAs1qhcep0.gif

Lots of loveReturnhttps://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/bKK4Zq/btrfsewHBHU/PcaoTYfS8qtfjjJbBGMzZK/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/dAeKRL/btrfscFCz0R/IioYbXMq63VTt55BqRazP1/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/yAqPQ/btrfsdq1zfk/CcvXqjiN9RXv56PGuE3jS0/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/bl68tp/btrfuPwqd0d/bo2NymEDEOnwiLtkbPvZi0/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/1zd0D/btrfzjKwrUj/RFH3bmJAWhEUVGIoiHzcO1/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/6AkGH/btrftm88PUn/9dKgdFL3okpSK9zSjWr470/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/cTmZE1/btrgjGecONV/Z5KWywGm9QV0iN6nehkbI1/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/M6Mn0/btrgdGUgnBm/4RQ4E6jTsnaF30T7V6btD1/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/cgdxQe/btrfzkJpUuf/JCmiVOCyaK5EzeX0nJVzRk/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/cSI3ZX/btrgh9g7edD/1NRK4XJarcasYekGtoyRXk/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/XJ7df/btrghQCkFvt/VoyCSCFZQIIsVRaBwz2fwK/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/bne0fp/btrgjEVgrIv/uop8k6JKmFNzXmwAcH4JkK/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/HWLjW/btrghQPBK3S/VdYZ2xKSYGFTcS0hdnOy60/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/r903I/btrfBsHcB0W/BRI2TAx3Jwodb4D4BuQHX0/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/wD4YM/btrgdGNBzLS/f5AKokYiSvyQ5hdJa0Lk70/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/bsvacp/btrgfNy0Q5T/TQLiKgWV1suVhepidUWrmK/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/7aCow/btrgnqhHISh/wKAyCUCuDGVktfFyRWpMv0/img.gif https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/Iznpo/btrghPpyLtT/3Xt4LvILmiheeBmBANkJC0/img.gif

Ordered figures and statues that aren’t on MFC ❞
It’s a shame that they can’t be added to the database but ye... c-cries ;-;


Wished figures and statues that aren’t on MFC ❞
Already got to pre-order Wu Xie so if there’s anyone selling Kylin’s please do PM me!

https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/cGAdpb/btrgsKvemVi/94uzTkCwcvnqgIbVkItQZ0/img.png https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/KEw4E/btrgu9Vk4wA/udVOSiD63CDJsaAbFZUo30/img.png https://blog.kakaocdn.net/dn/bsQyhs/btrgqFAYcYI/AqmCN64GJr5LqVnMT51u20/img.png

Where to find meReturnStill under construction, sorry!


Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


TV serie(s)
lots of ghibli and makoto shinkai films ♡
all yoru sumino works! also more on slice of life, mystery, psychological, isekai etc. ♡ I love reading manhwa / manhuas as well especially solo leveling and orv ^^
dalcomsoft’s rhythm games, biohazard (resident evil), dead trigger, until dawn, the last of us, genshin impact
i listen to bsd, given, toman and bf’s osts every single day! my heart’s always open for acoustic/ballad ones ♡ i’m in love with bol4, motte, yerin baek & paradox live >_<

favourites are ordered or already with me!

✰ kindly visit my ads page to see listings that are currently up for sale or trade! as they are not only in need of a new home, but lots of love as well ;-;

✰ also, please feel free to send in your offers if you have anything that i am currently looking for from my would love to have list! bib, mib, misb - anything’s fine as long as the item itself is in good condition ♡

under retail therapy, slow.
merry days only