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«if money grew on trees ( ゚ Д゚)ノ[ ($) ]»
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2x/filthy casual/figure greenhorn/impulse enthusiast. Actual self portraits below. よろしくお願いします! (๑´・‿・​​`๑)

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Also, Yato is a god and I pray at his altar. Adachitoka, treat him well!


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Based Top Ten in No Particular Order
may be subject to change

Francis Bonnefoy | ヘタリア
Lavi/Bookman Jr. | ディー・グレイマン
Yatogami | ノラガミ
Kanie Seiya | 甘城ブリリアントパー
Lelouch Lamperouge | コードギアス
Natsuki Subaru | Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活
Mikoshiba Mikoto | 月刊少女野崎くん
Kageyama Shigeo/Mob | モブサイコ100
Midoriya Izuku | 僕のヒーローアカデミア
Roy Mustang | 鋼の錬金術師

Matoi Ryuuko |キルラキル
Rem | Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活
Yoko Littner | 天元突破グレンラガン
Katou Megumi | 冴えない彼女の育てかた
Asui Tsuyu | 僕のヒーローアカデミア
Jibril | NGNL
Winry Rockbell & Izumi Curtis & Riza Hawkeye | 鋼の錬金術師
Celty Sturluson | デュラララ!!
Morgiana | マギ
Fujioka Haruhi | 桜蘭高校ホスト部
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Just read your review of me and your birthday wish and it made me grin with glee >.< c;
4 maand(en) geleden
Hello, I just wanted to know, if you remember the pre order for orange heart. A answer would be nice^^
1 jaar geleden
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
1 jaar geleden
chachachow (2 jaar geleden) #17785588Have a SUPER SONICO birthday, love!!

Oh my gosh, thank you!! This is so cute! ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊
2 jaar geleden
Havent displayed it... True that her jkints are meh... But SHE'S PRETTTY!!!chachachow (2 jaar geleden) #17728825have you displayed her yet?? Her joints are like gahhh okay this is why I don't Figma but she's so good looking omg
2 jaar geleden
chachachow (2 jaar geleden) #17729028YEEEEEES I KNOW I'M A SHIT FOR NOT REPLYING TO PM YET
but lmao I just wanted to say that Aoba's page is a riot and you're putting a smile on my face :^)

GIRL, you can take as much time as you want! My replies have always been ridiculously late so there's no way I could be mad at you.
fbabjkbjkbadgibv'adrerb TBH I'm embarrassed I was a participant in aoba's nutsack discourse 2017™ but I'm glad at least you're enjoying it lmao.

Hope you're doing well my friend! How has 2017 been treating you so far?
2 jaar geleden
Noooooo i got white rock shooter
2 jaar geleden
2 jaar geleden
chachachow (2 jaar geleden) #16602532Happy birthday! Hope you're fated to have a good time ovo/// /headshot

icwutudidere and ty
2 jaar geleden
chachachow (2 jaar geleden) #16127806snip

I'm so sorry it's been a month!! *A*/ Dogeza pose View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.gyazo.com/b9d265db5d01f2100585d24dd4aee110.png (and Kenma nendo is still not here...) How have you been? How was the conventions? (お疲れ on surviving the stressful presidential election you're welcome to migrate to Aus here if you never need to haha. We have spiders and kangaroos here ;)

DID YOU ORDER KUROO????!? I was secretly checking amiami during work and nearly had a conniption when he showed up. Now the wait begins ;A; (OR please release Iwa-chan, Bokuto & Akaashi soon!)

Eek. I stalked checked your PO list and good luck on all the scales! I'm still on the fence about Saber Alter (she's gorgeous!) and is it bad I'm hoping for a price drop upon release? And I'm feel guilty because I have a rule about buying duplicate figures but... IT'S SABER!! *glance at ITEM #394712 and ITEM #371722 contemplatively (and speaking of Hetalia... did you see ITEM #512120? There's hope for hetalia nendo lines at long last *A*)

I'm surprised there's no mob psycho nendo announcements yet considering their popularity but I'm holding breath for next Wonfest because I have a feeling it's going to be a killer with Yuri On Ice/Touken Ranbu/Haikyuu/Idols/Fate Grand Order/Kotobukiya (they're in their own category because of surprise ARTFX J every year lol) < Pray to Koto gods for 10YL KHR Figures PLEASE

Are you talking about this racing Miku ITEM #321897? She's so pretty! I really love her pose and vibrant colours in comparison to previous Racing Miku. Are you going to order her?

(sadly even with Amiami's coffin of doom expensive shipping combo deluxe it's still cheaper than what you can get here so we're stuck with them) How is NY? I've never really used them before (though I have ITEM #297454 on order). Is their packaging and shipping reasonable?

As for King of Prism stuff I'm staying far far far away from male and female Idol figures because that is a pit of despair lol. There's so much gorgeous designs that it'll be a slippery slope. I'm not too familiar with FLARE (ITEM #464787 got a really cute face) and UI but they got a good selection of characters from various shows and I like how a lot of them are not static posed. It's pretty amazing to see how a few years ago there's not much male characters (barring One Piece) to the wide selection that we have now. The industry is catching on uh oh ( ゚Д゚)

ooooh ITEM #464652 looks good! And considering it's Altair I'm sure they'll do a good job of it (and 1/7 scaled? 20k most likely) and did you see ITEM #512119, ITEM #512115 and ITEM #512117? Half naked boys yaaassss. I recommend going for them if you really love them! It's better to buy, regret and sell than pass, prices go through the ROOF in aftermarket (exhibit: see Danganronpa's Hinata/Komaeda & Oikawa nendo) and I think of it as supporting the industry and sending out a signal that yes we are interested in this kind of figures here's my money please make more? _(:3」∠)_

omg yuri on ice
2 jaar geleden
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