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i'm very picky on what i like to buy/don't buy + i have specific places for everything,
so feel free to message me, but i'm not very likely to actually purchase anything
unless i'm already actively looking for it.

my primary focuses are pokemon & gloomy bear merch.
i love pokemon plushies, pins and mugs + gloomy bear accessories.

View spoilerHide spoilerno, i'm not one of those animecore types if that's something you're worried about.
i like some of the same things as them, but that's where the similarities end.


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Anime Collectibles - Figures, Keychains, Trading Card Accessories and more!

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i'm bunnyniche5, nice to meet you
i'm kind of shy, so if i'm awkward or distant, that's probably why. it's not you, don't worry

feel free to message me for whatever reason.
i should mention that i don't talk to users under 18 out of personal comfort if its anything other than sales related.


TV serie(s)
pmmm, kaiba, murder princess, bnha, death note, nichijou, inuyasha
persona series, pokemon series, animal crossing series, yume nikki (& fangames), project diva series, lobotomy corporation, terraria, doom series, most kirby games, lsd dream emulator, GOHOME, genshin impact
MOE Punt(en)
old figures, tiny figures, rabbit girls, insect girls, nurse girls, goth/black themed girls, pink hair, white hair, android/robot girls, plant girls (mushrooms & flowers), yellow eyes, blushy girls, poisonous/venomous girls, body horror girls
hollywood undead, maretu, kikuo, masa works design, deco*27, mother mother, florence + the machine