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Shining Hearts - Melty de Granite - Sorbet - 1/8 (Alter)Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Monomi - Nanami Chiaki - 1/8 (Phat Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Senbonzakura (FREEing)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Trick or Miku (Union Creative International Ltd)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Sailor Saturn - Figuarts ZERO (Bandai)Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Nanami Chiaki - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver. (FREEing)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/7 - Halloween Ver. (Phat Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Shaohua (Myethos)Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! - Chomusuke - Megumin - KD Colle - 1/7 - Light Novel China Dress Ver. (Kadokawa)Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - Hanako-kun (Gill Gill)Piapro Characters - Hatsune Miku - F:Nex - 1/7 - Magical Mirai 2021 Ver. (FuRyu)

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Agreed. I keep looking and trying to figure out what the best way to go about it would be, but I always land on DETOLFS. You'd probably be best starting out with shelves, though. Try and get a feel of the type of organization that comes with it, if that makes sense. Yeah I'll totally show you! I have a few ideas for now that I'd like to carry out. I wanna have like a Square Enix shelf, with like NieR, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, and Final Fantasy. A SAO shelf, my Nendoroids, and hopefully in the future a Hololive shelf! I hope my Hololive collection looks great in the future, but I only have 2 things ordered rn. I want the rest of the Nendoroids in the future as well as the PUP figures XD (I'm like 50 dollars in debt rn though, so that won't happen for a while XD)

Ok sweet thanks! I followed you earlier, and I noticed you followed me as well, so thank you! Can't wait for your first post :D Right? It totally sucks. The worst thing, though, is when you have the motivation to actually do art, and don't have the right colors or shades to finish the piece. I'm trying to draw one rn, and noticed I ran out completely of the grey I use for shading XD Thankfully, my gf got me a new one, so we'll see if I finish it ;-; Oh that's good! I know a lot of places require new drawings and all that crap, so it's awesome you van use some older ones! Should make it easier XD

Oh don't worry about it I really don't mind! Thank you though for being so considerate! As for things going on in my life, though, there are a few things. First thing being CHRISTMAS IS SO FREAKING CLOSE NOW. I'm so excited rn :D I usually block out any Christmas related things from my mind until after thanksgiving, so it's time to go insane XD We have all these amazing decorations everywhere and like a mini tree in my room! I don't listen to a whole lot of Christmas music, though. The majority of it kinda drives me insane XD New ones anyways. Classic Xmas music is great. As for rn, though. I'm just listening to the Undertale OST. Can never go wrong with good ol' Undertale! I also wanna have a white elephant Christmas party with some of my friends somewhere around the 19th! Only thing is I'm broke XD I'm also stinking excited about my presents!! I can't wait for my JJK Nendos and Eren! And the more I look at Eren, the more I want him in my collection. He's just to funny XD

Anywho, moving on from Christmas, I've just been trying to think of some figure photography ideas, but I keep drawing blanks. I wanna do one with my Sora and Roxas, but I don't know how I should do it... Aside from that, I've pretty much just been watching anime, started Squid Game, and playing a crap ton of video games XD Oh I did reach the thousandth episode of One Piece though, so that's pretty cool! Took me four years, but I'm all caught up XDD Spent some time with my friends and gf, so that's cool too. Being homeschooled makes it way freaking harder to hang out, so it's nice when I'm able to XD

Aside from that, my life's pretty boring as of recently. Not a whole lot going on XD

(Btw, that Korone gif is FREAKING ADORABLEEEEEE! Yubi Yubi :D)
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Oh that's awesome! And that Sailor Moon is really amazing! I was looking at her on TOM earlier and thought she was really well detailed! I know what you mean about DETOLFS. My collection used to be on my dresser for a while as well, and I recently got some actual shelves, but DETOLFS seem way better XD My parents are gonna get me a couple of them, hopefully soon XD

No problem! And that sounds absolutely awesome. 5 foot forks with your meal? Heck yeah XD Oh she's so cool! I can definitely see you're a Sailor Moon fan, so that's pretty cool! And her detail and paint look amazing too! HOLY CRAP YOU'RE NOT DONE WITH BIRTHDAY STUFF?! Jeez lucky XD And a second piercing? All of my friends that have gotten piercings have only been able to choose one or the other, so that's pretty cool ngl

I seriously hope you get her for Christmas. I'm like rooting for you like crazy at this point XD I know what you mean. I think they nailed Junko's style, so lets hope that Chiaki is the same! Oh her hoodie sprite would be adorable! I'd totally get her XD (I mean I am anyways, but that would motivate me more XD) I don't think we have to worry about the Hololive hype dying down yet, in fact, it's stronger rn then it has been in a while, with the new gen of Hololive JP debuting this week. Maybe GSC will release them pretty soon because of that, fingers crossed XD

Idk, therapists might not be the best option for them. It's such a shame that people have to deal with their own problems by taking it out on those around them, as well as themselves. It's honestly so sad to me to see people act like that. What I don't get is why these sad and depressed people don't choose to take their anger and sadness and turn it into motivation to better themselves instead. I have multiple friends that are depressed and sad, but they do exercise, gaming, and art. It actually helps them a ton. And if the only drawback is more homework, it'd be worth it to transfer. Especially with having friends and even cousins at the other school XD

Oh that's awesome! What's you IG btw? And that's good about the month long deadline as well as the drawings being able to be incomplete. Always hard to finish them. 20 shouldn't be TO hard thankfully XD Oh that's a really good idea! Try and get yourself prepared a little more than before! I know what you mean XD I've just stared for hours at something I've wanted before, trying to figure out how to make the money for it, where I'd put it, and everything related XD
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yes! she is really cute!!
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Yo! Congrats on pre-ordering her~ She's gonna be a great addition to anyone's sailor moon collection really. The pillar is such a gorgeous detail and she will go REALLY well with the ichiban kuji princess serenity dropping and her first serenity figuarts. I'm really excited about her.

IIIIIIIIII love YunJin's design. I think I'm actually gonna skip the 2.4 banners though. I got Eula and Hu Tao and need to start saving again. It's crazy cause I hadn't pulled since Raiden's banner...my first 10 pull on HuTao's banner I got Mona. Then 40 later I got HuTao. Then I pulled for Eula and got her in 30 then got her C1 in another 50 pulls. My luck has been insane.
Yet...Diluc still doesn't want to come home. At this point I'm waiting for Venti and Zhongli. After that I have no one I really want besides Dain.
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Oh just noticed you got the Junko PUP ordered as well as the Rem! Congrats, and I welcome you to Rem hell XD
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!

Oh she's so cute! I love that Miku figure so much! Glad you were able to get her! And good luck with Miku heaven. Or hell I'm not sure which XD Happy you had fun! What'd you do today? Since ya know, it's your actual birthday now XD

Yeah no problem! It makes sense why you've been looking for so long, though. She's just such a beautiful figure, and a pricey one at that. I pretty much gave up looking for her once I heard that she was getting a Pop Up Parade figure. I love the Junko, but decided not to buy it due to the complaints about her, so, as you said, here's to hoping Chiaki's PUP won't flop. And seriously. I didn't even realize it, but the first day of December is only like 3 days away. Chirstmas is crazy close, so not all hope i lost, just don't get your hopes up, like you said XD

Yeah.. People suck so freaking bad sometimes... But look at it this way; if they are bulling you, and you're just dealing with it, remember that when you grow up, you'll be somewhere in life with a good job, while they're at a 7/11 somewhere because they were being a douchebag their whole lives. That's the way I see it anyways. Bullies go no where, while victims become stronger and better. Also remember that after school, you'll probably never see them again, so there's that to look forward to as well. And you got an awesome Mom if she's able to do that. Seriously that's sick. Go Moms i general XD

Hey no problem! It truly does hurt. In so many ways ;-; I need to at least see a prototype of Chiaki or Nagito. Crossing my fingers they release soon, because as you said, they already released Junko, and even shipped her out. Once again though, like you said, a lot of other characters from different series haven't been released for a long time. For example, some from Persona 5 have had a prototype for 3 years up, and nothin. They are popular characters from a popular series, yet they still only have prototypes. I also hope they can hurry with the Hololive EN PUP figures, because Hololive has grown a ton in popularity, and they have almost all of the Hololive JP line completed with colored prototypes!

Hey at least now you have some more motivation to get it all done! A new school environment would be nice, not to mention you have friends there, so that would be awesome! Also, LIVE DRAWING? Dude that's sick! Stressful, as you said, but awesome none the less! When is the due-date for your portfolio?
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happy belated birthday!!
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They really do! It's incredible with what they can do. They are such an amazing company, idek how many things I've seen and thought that it was a scale figure! Oh I saw that you ordered the Miku! She's adorable! Any general idea as to when it will arrive?
Yeah TOM is kinda sucking rn when it comes to shipping, but I think a big part of it relates to COVID restrictions and regulations. Personally, I don't really mind waiting. They have some of the cheapest deals compared to other stores, and they always manage to ship. I haven't had a major issue with them yet, and I have 2 pages of orders from them XD Also, DAILY WHEEL? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING. That's freaking awesome XD Anyways, I personally think that pre-ordering from TOM is a good idea,but it depends on who you talk to and what they think. It's different for everyone. Oh and it's cool, I suck at gacha too. Oh the hours wasted on Fate Grand/Order and Genshin... ;-;

Totally agree with you about the Sumi. She does have a more confident pose, yet her blush marks kinda still show that she's still the same old shy Sumi we love! That's something I noticed when we were talking yesterday. Adds a little more charm to her, ya know? Totally agree with you there. Pink haired waifus are always the way to go XD Except Sakura. I don't like her. I do kinda in Boruto, but even still XD

Hey it's nothing to feel bad about! You're just trying to help, it's ok! I want to use it again, don't get me wrong, but I just had so many bad memories spawn from it, ya know? For now i think I'm gonna leave it, but we'll see what happens in the future! Maybe I'll come around :D

SERIOUSLY. Chiaki may be #1, she's not worth $500. Awesome she's in stock on SolarisJapan, not so awesome about your aunt not buying it. Have you tried showing that to her to shed some light on the situation? Idk, I'm really rooting for you to get her XD FR! They are completely and utterly milked by pretty much every brand that makes figures. I tried to stop collecting Miku a while ago, but here I am with 8 Miku items ;-; THE SHRINE CONTINUES TO GROW. It's probably best you don't buy either of them if you don't want a bunch XD Yeah that Rem! The snowflake base was just so pretty to me I just love it. I might ask for her for my birthday XD Honestly though, good call with the Megumin. She's a much better figure imo!

No problem! And I totally know what you mean. Completely. I was actually bullied out of public school back in 5th grade. Been homeschooled since! My friends really helped me out a ton back then, and still do to this day! It's truly the best escape from the rest of it for sure. Btw hope you have fun today! It's like 2 in the morning here, so it's technically Friday XD

Oh fr? That's awesome! You'll have enough for sure now! I'd say make Gura your top priority for sure, then the Chiaki. As you said, the majority of the Danganronpa fandom are unfortunately cringy 12 year old girls, so it shouldn't be a huge issue for her. Hololive fans are FREAKING CRAZY, so be careful XD I've been checking every day as well. Something that might help you keep updated with them easier is bookmark their pages. That way they're always there for you to check!

Oh Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I do celebrate it, so that was nice little surprise!
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Happy birthday Athena! (≧∇≦)/
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Happy early one day birthday!!!(That's how MFC works anyways!)
Have a good day!!
-A Yoimiya stan
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