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Children, never burn down your account in a paranoid panic. Now, time to start yelling about Star Wars once more.



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Hey Zoids! This is a weird way for me to respond to a comment you made in that article where you cited the Japanese age of consent as 13. Just thought it might restore a little bit of your faith in humanity to know that while 13 is the government's official aoc, apparently virtually no individual area of Japan holds to that and individual governances have far more reasonable age laws and age gap considerations that are far more sensible and palatable. Just thought it worth sharing a genuinely positive "fun fact" on that situation that I myself only learned recently as well.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Thank you :D
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Yeah, as am I. I made a custom figma Illya from FSN but it's not perfect and I want to do some touch-ups. I'd rather have an official one!!!
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I thought of some of your posts when I saw the Goodsmile newsletter this morning. Did you see Nendoroid Illya is finally available for pre-order? I still wish there was an official figma Illya... I'm not much of a Nendo collector (thinking of selling most of them honestly) but I feel I should get it to support the chance of a figma of any version of Illya to finish the Emiya family.
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Not that late! Thanks!
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thank you :]
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vivafaby •୨♡୧•゚
You have a really cool collection, I especially like your Princess Leia nendoroid, I will totally add this to my wishlist :)
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Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!
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Rajke11 maand(en) geleden#92011200Happy Birthday :)FinalCataclsym11 maand(en) geleden#92042292Happy birthday!KiruKiru11 maand(en) geleden#92077592Happy birthdayScones11 maand(en) geleden#92132837Happy late birthday! have a good one!

Thanks everyone!
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Happy late birthday! have a good one!
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Bringing the hobby to your door.


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