Currently in Fate Hell.
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To LOVEru - Momo Belia Deviluke - 1/8 (Alter)Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. - Lisara Restall - 1/8 - Y-shirt ver. (FREEing)Sword Art Online II - Sinon - 1/7 (Aquamarine)Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 - Aqua - 1/7 (Phat Company)




My name is Cyril, I'm from France.
I started collecting in 2015 and i exclusively collect scales, a big part of my collection comes from Fate/FGO, which is probably my favorite Franchise, and i do religiously play FGO NA every day (1500+ logins, like 30 less logins than the maximum ^^', FC : 807,276,836 )


I also have a lot of different hobbies/things i do beside collecting anime figures or enjoying anime/mangas (which i suppose a good part of the users here also do).

I enjoy doing sport, mostly Tennis and Football and enjoy a lot going to the stadium to cheer for my local football team and/or watch nice matches of Ligue 1 (football) and i often also go to Roland Garros and the Rolex Paris Master (Tennis) each years.

When i have some time, i play a bit of video games, but not nearly as much as most people do, or as much as when i was younger, in the past i was some kind of pro player on Halo 3 and then Gears of War (1 - 4), it wasn't looking anything like "modern" e-sport (with lots of money involved and everything), for a long time we even had to bring our own TV and xbox and play haha. (I was maybe a few years too old to enjoy the greatness of e-sport ^^)
But i enjoyed having my trips and hotel being paid by famous e-sports orgs, to enjoy a nice week-end with friends playing our favorite game of the moment, I did travel a lot doing this.
I also traveled a lot by myself, and lately i also travel a lot to play Magic, i suppose it's the continuation of when i was traveling to play e-sports LANs i guess.

And lastly, my last money sink hobby, is Magic the Gathering (the card game), i play a lot of it, i play almost exclusively in Paper, i play a lot of different formats, but modern is my favorite, i pimp almost all my decks, like figures i like beautiful things, thus I have like half of modern decks in foil/pimped. I play at a lot of GP and have good results, qualified & played at a few Pro Tours, and as a collector I also have a few uncut sheets that i won at GPs, when i don't play the main event.


Oh, and i also play Genshin Impact since its launch ! Not missing any login yet. (FC : 702600067)


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Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu - Nendoroid  (#130) (Good Smile Company)Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Kashiwazaki Sena - 1/7 (Good Smile Company)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/8 - Wedding Dress ver. (Myethos, Tokyo Otaku Mode)



XorKos is a really good, serious seller! Fair price, awesome packaging, very quick to answer and very trustworthy!
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Where do you get your chinese figures?
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I don't think any To Love Ru figures have been released since I started collecting figures ^u^! They look super cute tho!
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I like your collection. Good taste :)
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Something along the lines of the overseas sellers having to charge the custom fees at checkout for orders under 150 euros. Anything over 150 euros goes through the regular customs process, there's likely more to it than that, but that's what i've gathered from it!
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Thanks! i'll end up doing something similar too then probably ^^

And that's interresting, i've never used them before so i might have to keep an eye out on them from now on!
I wonder if they will still be able to do that once the customs rules change for the EU in june
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I'm glad my message was conveyed even if it wasn't in the right language xD
I wanted to get her off of SolarisJapan because you can undervalue the package with them to get hit with less customs (i always get hit with customs otherwise...) but saw her on Yorokonde and couldn't pass up on her since she was 40 euros cheaper than the other store i had seen her pop up (Otaku square) And i calced the custom fees i'd have ot pay if ordered through amiami and i would end up paying 20-30 euros more than what i'm oging to pay on Yorokonde.

But amiami's point system honestly would have been nice to fill up some more with an expensive figure like her.

That's super neat! A friend of mine made something like that too but i haven't quite been able to figure out how it worked yet O: thank you! I would love to use that ^^

Edit: for the images you use, where do you get them from? I imgine you upload them to a site like imgur and then just use that link but what site are they from? c:

Also thank you for sharing that! Took me a few tries o get it to work but it does now! Super neat!
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Hey, sorry for my last post here, for some reason your page gets translated everytime i go here. Made me think you spoke dutch... scrolled down and turns out you're french lol... sorry about that!

Sidenote: i'm from Belgium!

I ordered my Mei Raiden off of Yorokonde, think i linked the site already. Amiami and solarisjapan now have her too.

She is a chinese figure so if you were to import her yourself from china, you would have to order her through Taobao. Taobao only ships domestically in China so yo import her through there, you need a proxy. Making things more complicated and expensive.

This is why not many stores are stocking up on her, and why it took them a long time to put her up for PO if they do.
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Yooo je spreekt Nederlands!

Ik ben van België :p
Ik heb de Raiden Mei figure ge pre-ordered op Yorokonde (www.yorokonde.d...), een Duitse winkel.

Ze is een Chinese figure, waardoor mensen en winkels haar moeilijker in handen krijgen. Taobao, waar ze verkocht word in China, shipt alleen binnenin China dus je moet een proxy hebben om ze daar rechtstreeks te bestellen. Dat maakt alles moeilijker en duurder.

Yorokonde is het goedkoopste dat ik haar tot nu toe in de EU heb gevonden, maar amiami heeft haar nu ook!
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I love your picks
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