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«Establishing battlefield control. Standby.»
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*My gaming ****posts. I didn't make any of these but I did want to share them though! Want a break from obtaining your CMRS? Take a breather.*

www.youtube.com... (The calibrations couldn't wait.)
www.youtube.com... (Studying hard is its own reward)
www.youtube.com... (Who brings a nuke to a gunfight?)
www.youtube.com... (Best way to lose your tenure)
www.youtube.com... (Booping viral sensation!)
www.youtube.com... (What's IN it anyway?)
www.youtube.com... (Lucina says what again?)
www.youtube.com... (Why Sacred Stones was so easy)
www.youtube.com... (Marth just wants his friends close)
www.youtube.com... (Can you beat him? Sho yu can!)
www.youtube.com... (What winning in EVO sounds like!)
www.youtube.com... (Doom is whimsical today)
www.youtube.com... (Never play against a Scotswoman)
Vilseriol! I'm a casual collector who started off with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there. Most of my collection consists of articulated figures. I'm not a huge fan of statues but I'm slowly gaining interest in them. Price, likeness, and style are important qualities. I'm not as impulsive to buy them due to their more expensive prices.

I used to collect model kits, particularly cars and planes by Tamiya. Not anymore though. I don't think I have the same interest now that I'm older, but who know? Maybe I'll get that ONE model kit that sparks my passion again.

Figma is my mainstay but I also have other brands such as Real Action Heroes and SH Figurarts. I like Figma because they're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their smooth paint and clean presentation are what wins me over. I just wish they were less expensive or at least come with more accessories.

Nendoroids are okay. They're very cute but I'm not a fan of their chibi style. Not to harp on the brand, but I love how tiny they are but the boxes that they come in are as big as Figma boxes.

Figure wishlist:
-Real Action Heroes figure of Hana Isuzu.

-1/25 model kit of a 2016 Chrysler 300 and a 2018 Corvette Stingray

-1/1 model kit of a Mammoth Tank Mk.3 with prototype reactive armor tread slats.

-A 1/7 scale Of Nero Claudius with a smug grin while brandishing Aestus Estes in a pose that's not obscuring her face, accompanied by a rose motif base.

-Figma: Kloe Rinz, Elie MacDowell, Laura S. Arseid, Sara Valestein, Juna Crawford, Agate Crosner, Oliver Lenheim, Elliot Craig, Kurt Vander, Adol Christin, Sahad Nautilus, Laxia von Roswell and Dana Icarusia. I demand more Falcom stuff. Also, the Fault Milestone girls (including Melano)

-Hot Toys: Dante Sparda and Rebecca Chambers.

-Nendoroid: Vert/Green Heart, Laura S. Arseid, Kloe Rinz, Tita Russell, Laxia von Roswell, Dana Icarusia and Koha from Momodora.

-Scale statue: Vert/Green Heart, Melano, Richter Belmont, Soma Cruz, Shanoa Rixia Mao and Adam Jensen.

-Beach Queens: Sara Valestein, Kloe Rinz and Laura S. Arseid (I know BQ's are considered scales, but this brand is a bit more specific with the style.)

-A body pillow of Morag from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. One side without her cap, and the other with her coat unbuttoned; not lewd in general. Not really a figure but... and yes, I'm being serious about this.

What's a guy got to do to get a scale of an anime muscular guy (preferably not a bishounen) showing off his body, Rennaisance style? No, I'm a straight guy. Yes, I have muscle envy lol I just appreciate a good body, both guy and girl you know?

And yes, just about any figure of Laura S. Arseid is an instant-buy. How could you not like a valkyrian blue haired beauty who is trust worthy, strong, dependable, and has the ability to malfunction any piece of technology that seemingly came from the decade of 1990 and beyond? BTW, it sucks being an international fan of Legend of Heroes. Not only is Trails of Zero and Azure locked in Asia, but everyone in the rest of the world besides Japan has to wait for years before it gets localized in English.
TV serie(s)
None at the moment.
Currently reading: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Empress Theresa. The second book is AWFUL! But I sort of recommend it because it's so bad, it's good lmao
Currently playing: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Waiting for: Fault: Silence the Pedant, Fault Milestone 2: side;below and Aegis Rim.
MOE Punt(en)
Trench coat, mini skirts, skin tight knee length skirts, thigh highs, pony tail, black cats, fancy blouses, rolled up sleeves, fencing sword, sneakers, droopy eyes, purple hair, red hair, green hair, polearm, yellow and green eyes.
The sigh of relief my clients make after finishing a long rep. I know that feeling haha. Another wonderful sound comes from the Glasgow Philharmonic Chor! My personal favorite from them is a piece called, "YER DUN!"
Samsung Galaxy S6. This thing can shoot up to 16 migapixels! lol


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Hahaha noon pa man fan na fan na ako ng Haruhi series; pero ang best girl ko talaga ay si Nagato (at dito rin ata nagsimula ang hilig ko sa meganekko/glasses-girls..hehe)
kaso ayun, dalawang figma lang meron siya, at si Haruhi ay meron 6..so kinuha ko na sila lahat...hahaha!
Wala nga lang akong Mikuru, Kyon, at Koizumi...ang bias ko kina Haruhi & Nagato, ano? hahahaha
pati 'yung Gekisou na 1/8 scale, ang meron lang ako ay Nagato & Haruhi...ahaha
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Haha true, sometimes you get the feeling that Persona started with Persona 3 and the first and second game(s) never existed :/ I seriously wish for Atlus to make a remake of both Persona 2 games one day. I'd love to play them again with better visuals and updated gameplay.
3 dag(en) geleden
Yeah, it's funny :D Just shows we have a good taste in games, haha.

I've played both Nocturne and Strange Journey already. Nocture is actually one of my favorite SMT games! I just need to finish Digital Devil Saga 2 and Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon and then I'm through with all SMT games (the ones that got localized at least).
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Yo! Uy, pasensiya na kung ngayon lang ako nakasagot; andaming nangyari last week e, isama pa new year..
Pero kahit late na...
\(^▽^*)Happy New Year!!(*^▽^)/
4 dag(en) geleden
Not yet, I've been busy with Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga lately, but hopefully I'll get the chance to play Ys Seven soon. So many games, so little time!
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18 dag(en) geleden
Hey! I apologise that it's really late for this greeting, but yeah,
\(^▽^*)Merry Christmas to y'all!!(*^▽^)/
I was with our grandparents' home for Christmas, that's why..Appreciate your photos of Saber, though; very cool!
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Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!!!! :D
25 dag(en) geleden
Thank you so very much!
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For what again?
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