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About me:
I am a collector of many different things even if my scale figure collection is definitely the biggest merchandise collection I own.

It actually all started with manga which I was introduced to by a friend when I was 15… Oh the nostalgic feeling! My first one was Angel Sanctuary and I still love the manga/mangaka. If I had to say spontaneously which kind of genres are my favourites I would say: Seinen, Boys Love and Fantasy. But I definitely do enjoy manga which are different and less mainstream. You can see some of my favourites on my short description. Two of my most loved characters are Guts (Berserk) and Mun-su (Shin Angyo Onshi).

I never got as much into anime as I got into manga but I have a small collection of Studio Ghibli films and plushes. I enjoyed “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”, two of my friends even crocheted 2 Totoro for me. I have watched several more shows like Jojo or Shin Sekai Yori but I just enjoy reading more as watching. Nowadays I watch like 1-3 Anime a season which is really much more if I compare it to before LOL

When I was older I was finally able to start collecting scales. My first one was her: ITEM #9112 . I liked the figure very much back then. After her I mostly got girls with weapons, dynamic poses or they were just gorgeous, sexy or eye catcher to me. Back in the days I almost never knew the characters of the figures I bought… The reason was that the manufactures just did not produce any characters beside the ones from One Piece I knew! This can happen if you neither watch anime or play games… And the male figures were boring as hell. That actually changed nowadays and I can finally buy stuff from series like Kuroshitsuji or Dramatical Murder which I know and adore. But I still want more affordable Berserk figures. Still my male figure collection is growing, can’t argue that. Slow but steady ;)

Later on I started a small male dakimakura and mouse pad collection. Damn I already own 10 mouse pads… Don’t ask me why exactly, I just think they are sexy. I have the feeling I might get even more. At least I do display them (and poke them from time to time XD).

To stay with the smaller stuff I started to collect nendoroids and anime character plushes by Gift as well (the reason why I got curious for those two kinds of merch was DMmd). I will try to keep those collections small but who knows what will happen for sure in the future so don’t take my word for granted. At the moment I am able to stay mainly with DMMD and Tourabu nendo... But I would defenitely also buy a Guts nendo :P

And last but not least my big passion: 60cm+ dolls! I started with collecting Dollfie Dreams. They were just sooo amazing in all those pictures people posted here on MFC. I have watched them from afar for a while doing my research until I could not hold back anymore and entered the Volks lottery. I lost my first lottery but did not give up and entered a second time. This lottery I won my first girl Lucy: ITEM #144088. And after that they kept multiplying…. They are just to cute together! And it is so much fun to take pictures of my girls. If you have any question concerning DDs just ask me and I will try to help. In 2014 I finally wanted to own a boy doll after all this time but Volks just did not start to make male vinyl dolls like DDs so I got into resin Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD). It took me a while to find the right boy searching through 100+ manufacturers to start with. In the end I went with Ringdoll Lucifer. BJDs are just soooo different from DDs. I did not think it would be this extreme to be honest. I was shocked and irritated the first time I held a BJD. So much heavier, harder and less stiff in the joints but I got used it after a while. In the end I like both type of dolls and the big difference make it so interesting. And of course my boy doll “harem” keeps growing… No surprise there! I just love male dolls <3

So this was a little of my collectors history and interests. As you might have noticed I am fujoshi (and yes I like males from 18-50 (Naono Bohra rocks) LOL) but even if you are not don’t get scared away by it. I love to chat so feel free to send me a PM or a friendship request. Remember I will accept random friendship requests but if you haven’t chatted with me for a while I might delete you from my friendlist. I just do not want to have a to huge list. So that was finally it and I can only say: Enjoy the rest of your stay here!

TV serie(s)
Jojo (I am rather a manga reader)
Manga: Shin Angyo Onshi, Berserk, Ikigami, I am a Hero, Vinland Saga, Toriko, Twittering Birds Never Fly, In these Word, Sakura Gari books: everything from Sergej Lukianenko
Dramatical Murder
Subway to Sally, Saltatio Mortis, Triddana, Skiltron, Schandmaul, Coppelius, Rammstein, Van Canto, Korpiklaani, ASP... In general Folk, medieval stuff, a bit goth and metal. Love my accoustic instruments <3


Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!


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