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I love your avatar choice! I saw a one of your comments and was momentarily confused thinking it was me.
6 jaar geleden
Thanks for joining the Naruto Collectors club :)
6 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana6 jaar geleden#1864677Grazie per la richiesta di amicizia! \(。^‿^。)/
Ma grazie a te per aver accettato <3
6 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana7 jaar geleden#1769391✧。・゜゜・✧。・゜­­­゜・✲Happy Birthday!✲・゜゜・。✧。・゜゜・。✧

Thank you, Hana-chan! ^_^
7 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana7 jaar geleden#1360407No problem and welcome to the community! ^__^
I'll send you a PM with shipping cost.
Just click on the profile of the user you want to send a message to, then select PM. ^_-

Oh ofcourse, I'm so blind.. And thanks. ^^
7 jaar geleden
Heya, I saw your ads about the Karol trading figure from Tales of Vesperia for 9 euros. I'm kinda interested. How much would the import costs be? I live in Belgium.

Greetings. (Also, didn't find how to send a PM, so hopefully this is good. :P)
7 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana7 jaar geleden#1333853Yes, she is truly a great figure. :)
Hope we don't have to wait too much for Jude, though. Alter/Altair released only 2 figures in the last 2 months, I think. And now on their site there are 16 figures scheduled for March or "after march". :/

Glad to see you're enjoying her~ :)
Ugh, I know. I can't believe Jude got pushed back. Although, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised considering what happened with Milla. >_< But still...waiting is so hard. *sigh*
7 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana7 jaar geleden#1319543Thanks! Happy new year to you too! ^__^ (sorry I'm late...>__<)
And congrats! I see you got your Milla! I was so worried about her hair, but from what I see in the pictures she looks beautiful. I really can't wait to receive mine. *__*

Thank you! And yes, I got my Milla. She's perfection! You'll really like her figure, I think. :) And now Jude comes next! <3
7 jaar geleden
Happy New Year! =D
7 jaar geleden
Shinen-No-Hana8 jaar geleden#1136651Mmm, I also should be able resist to other Xillia figures, maybe. But TotA is my weak point.^^'
Unless I'm completely broke, I will probably instant-buy any Abyss figure I see... >__<'

Really?! You haven't seen anything yet?! o__o You should go and see those new Milla pics then. >__<
She's so different from the first prototype! >__<
Yes, she has been delayed to the next month. Alter figures are often delayed, anyway, so it wasn't so surprising. But if Alter doesn't intend to revert Milla's hair to the original painting, this delay will be really useless and irritating. :/

No, I couldn't, you're right... >///<
...But, Jude's face was so cute! o>◡<o

I feel your pain. TotA figures are just too tempting. We need an Asch figure ASAP. XD

I just looked at the pictures. You're right - her hair is quite a mess, isn't it? I hope Alter decides to use the old prototype. She looks 100x better. But I'm kind of glad she's delayed, to be honest. I get to give my wallet a break. :D

Hehe, you said it. He's really cute, isn't it? I hope Alter releases a figure of Jude from ToX 2. I really like his design for the new game. <3
8 jaar geleden
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