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  • Rikoei3 dag(en) geleden#80091854I am not like most people haha

    20 uur geleden
    SanjiBoon20 uur geleden#80176834Ok sure thank you

    Sorry, try AmiAmi pre-owned, I saw Mio on there this morning. :)
    20 uur geleden
    Ok sure thank you
    20 uur geleden
    Are any of your k-on nendoroids still on sale?
    21 uur geleden
    RockGodItachi1 maand(en) geleden#78674949Yes but most of us don't admit it! XD I am not like most people haha
    3 dag(en) geleden
    Hi - I tried to respond, but your mailbox is full.
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    Chloe-tsundere29 dag(en) geleden#78977383Happy birthdayDoboy28 dag(en) geleden#79010176Happy Birthday bro!Carmina28 dag(en) geleden#79010660Happy birthday!Vamppy28 dag(en) geleden#79012557http://www.gif-star.com/feste/geburtstag/happybirthday17.gif

    Thanks everyone for the comments! I had a good day! :D
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    28 dag(en) geleden
    Happy birthday!
    28 dag(en) geleden
    Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
    Happy Birthday bro!
    28 dag(en) geleden
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