Working hard for weeb shit
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I am an art collector and artist myself i am very fortunate but work part time for my money so i save up and only buy the figures i must have and or really want
I also collect video games and video game goods so my figure collection is relatively small as i have more then one collection


pre ordered switch games

-limited run games, clannad collectors edition physical switch copy
-Limited run games, Shantae and the seven sirens switch physical copy collectors edition
-Limited run games, samurai jack battle through time switch physical copy Collectors edition
-Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne Nintendo switch collectors edition
-Switch Limited Run #83: Shantae Collector's Edition
-Switch Limited Run #84: Shantae: Risky's Revenge Collector's Edition
-Switch Limited Run #81: DOOM 64 Classic Edition

Stopping collecting

Starting the end of September I will be budgeting my wants over my needs that means less figures and less goods
I am NOT giving away my pre orders I only buy figures I love so all my figures are not for sale
If I sell any they will be put on my ads page do not ask me if I am selling anything as some are even broken (example: shuvi from no game no life) but if I were to sell one in a excellent condition I will LIST it
However I plan to make my
Life better and one way to do that is to limit my wants
Will still post journal posts of my hauls if I ever get anything though
PVC anime figure store.


Aspiring Animator
TV serie(s)
No game no life, Full metal alchemist, steins gate,monogatari series, dorohedoro, hunter x hunter, ssss gridman, space dandy, spice and wolf
The evil within 1 and 2, muse dash, project diva f
MOE Punt(en)
Animal ears, net tights, bare skin, Lolita, skimpy clothing, maid outfits
Iphone 11
MacBook Air, 4GB, mid 2013, 13 inch, gaming pc in progress


Figures not listed on MFC pre ordered

-Spyro life sized bust exclusive edition

-Marie, beast kingdom statue

-muse dash, Rin bunny ver

Paid for ordered figures