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Long time collector, recently got back into the game.


hey your inbox is full is miku 1930 still for sale?
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Phil1 maand(en) geleden#121059503Hey buddy it’s going great! Not that much free time but what can you do. How’s life treating you these days?
Glad to hear things are going well! Life's the same over here; can't really tell if that's good or bad at this point ^^;
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thirdeyekawaii Tony’s #1 fan!
•• Happy belated B~day Phil!!
Hope u had a good one <33
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Happy birthday old friend! How's the startup?
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Hi Phil, I'm interested in buying your Houshou Marine figure, but your inbox is full :(
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Amazing seller! Very friendly and kind! Thanks for the amazing conversation about Azur Lane! Ryuuhou came perfectly packaged and as described! Would 100% buy from you again! Please keep in touch and Good Luck on your future pulls!
5 maand(en) geleden
Great seller much recommend :p
6 maand(en) geleden
Haha I remember when I started collecting I said nothing over $50. Can't even buy a Nendo for $50 any more XD;;

Oh wow, congrats! How's it been going? I need to start something of my own, want to move back east but don't want to deal with a snowy commute lol

Oof, glad you're feeling better and that it's not Covid. Even vaxxed people are dying from it still :(
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Yeah I mostly lurk nowadays since I'm slowly getting priced out of this hobby lol. Things are all right, the world's certainly gotten even more crazy since the last time we spoke, eh? What are you up to?
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Happy birthday old friend! Just saw your comment in the 1/4 Taiga thread the other day and was wondering if that was you. You changed your profile pic haha. Hope all is well
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