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Struggeling artist


Still selling your sakuya izayoi figma? (contact me, i cant find pr)
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Hello there, my friend. A little help would be appreciate it here:

BLOG #8573
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Moru7 jaar geleden#1301511A happy new year to you aswell! I hope it will be a good one! =D

you are welcome.
I hope you have a nice 2013
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I wish you have nice holliday.


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Moru7 jaar geleden#1250032I don't think so, mine seems to be the same color all over. Is there a color problem with yours?

no, I have 2 T-elos and all fine.
but my friends T-elos has that problem. and some collector said they have that problem too
7 jaar geleden
hi moru, you have figma t-elos, right ?
is her skin face darker than her (body) skin ?
7 jaar geleden
Moru7 jaar geleden#1244442To work on your very own anime and manga sounds like a lot of fun!
I can only imagine all the work that must be put into it :0
And also video games, I love games =P
All respect to you for working on so many things of your own, I admire that!
This year we have worked with 2D animation only, this is a showreel with our first animations;
My work is the stuff shown after my name, Marianne, number 3 I think.
Since then we have made more, but this is only video from my class on youtube so far.
I used to study 3D animation, but I did not like it that much, I prefer 2D so far, but I have yet to try stop motion etc, looking forward to it =)
How about you, do you prefer to work with 2D or 3D?

It's a hell of a work I have to say, since I working alone right now.. Hope to get an assistant, someday if I earn more money. Thanks for the support my friend.
Hey, that's an amazing animations you've made there, although I noticed some anims still looked stiff especially the walking anims. But overall I like them.

I also used to learn 3D but like you I prefer 2D because I used to be a sprite maker & editor, & for me 2D can be easy if we get used to it very well.. Anyway, this is my very2 old animations that I made: www.youtube.com... it's just a mere fighting sequence, no voice or even a dialogue. I don't upload most of my works on the net. As for stop motion, I did make my own using figure: viofitz.wordpre...
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Moru7 jaar geleden#1244129Happy birthday! =D
Until now I never noticed you were an animator (shame on me), that is awesome!
I am currently studying animation myself *brofist*
Hope you have a great day!

Thank you so much, Moru-san! XD
Haha, It's still a freelance animator, but I'm currently making my own anime & video games. Although, they're still on hold since I'm now focussing on finishing my own manga to be publish. Anyway, I'm also a photo editor, & here's what I've done for photo figure customizing:

PICTURE #551573

PICTURE #552042

Figma Jun Kazama !

Nice! Looking forward for your animation works. Anyway, studying 3D or 2D?
7 jaar geleden
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