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Welcome to my profile \(ºwº)/
Hi! My name is Mariana but you can to call me Marih ^^
I started collecting figures in 2012 but I signed up in myfigure only in 2013.
I like to drawing, animals and....figures XD
...... I don't know to tell about me http://r31.imgfast.net/users/3113/12/78/13/smiles/851638.gif
My english isn't very well but I'd be happy to talk with you, if you want to send me a FR is welcome.


NP :)
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Happy late birthday
28 dag(en) geleden
happy birthday lovely~ <33
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Thank you :)
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Oh the Yuri and Victor moonstone figures would look nice

For me Rei(Evangelion),Yami Yugi,Kaiba,Muse(Love live),Playmaker,Soul burner and Blue angel

Ok a figure you would want made out of hardwood
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Oh no need to say sorry I get it, I've been having trouble too

I know,wish they would show up at cons.

Oh that would be amazing and yes they do

ok figures you would want made out of moonstone?
2 maand(en) geleden
(Did you leave a comment on my page? Cause I see on but it wouldn't let me reply)
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(These Devilman figures are on my wish/want list:ITEM #392369,ITEM #361070,ITEM #656107,ITEM #358421(not a "figure" but I still really want) and Japan has the Devilman Crybaby clothes,phone case and backpack,I want them badly ITEM #728764,ITEM #728763,ITEM #692025,ITEM #728772,ITEM #728771,ITEM #728769,ITEM #728768 and item/728767.Sha... they may not be available outside of Japan anytime soon.

Same,The AOT and MIA cast would look amazing as copper figures.I would also add the snow white with red hair cast,Yugioh,Yugioh GX,Yugioh 5D,Yugioh Zexal,Yugioh Arc V and Yugioh Vrains and the cast of Free! and Durarara

Figure you would want made out of Wood?
2 maand(en) geleden
I know right,as much as I like the girl characters.I would like more male nendoriods(Cough Cough Free,Ouran High School Host Club(I know I know Haruhi) & many other series) Yes I would love a Akira,Ryo,Maki,Miko(I know she's only from Crybaby),Moyuru(also only from Crybaby),I would like Wamu,Gabi,Kukun,Babo & Hie nendoroids too but if there where to make Devilman nendorids that would probably not going to happen.They would proably only make Akira,Ryo and Maki with I would be 1,000% on board for.I just would just be happy if they made Devilman nendorids but I still I would like the Crybaby origin character to get nendoroids too.I would love Cutie Honey and Cyborg009 nendoroids.

Violet,Vocaloids,*Gasp*totally the Death Parade cast and Fate.Awww Sakura would so amazing as a stained glass figure.I would love a Devilman,Cutie Honey,Cyborg 009,Ryuko & Satsuki with Senketsu and Junketsu activated,Blue angel/View spoilerHide spoilerSkye/Aoi,Yugi,YamiYugi/View spoilerHide spoilerAtem,Joey/Jonouchi,Tea/Anzu,Tristan/Honda,Kabia and Mokuba and the ones you mentioned

Figures you would want made out of copper that don't melt
2 maand(en) geleden
Oh it was a lot of badges and a mini plush series but like you said no figures,huh interesting...is it not that popular? It seems to be popular I see/seen a lot of people talk about it and how funny it is.I think figures and nendroids would fit the series & characters.I would like to see a Jyugo & Nico nendroids along with everyone else but mostly Jyugo & Nico.(I want the Jyugo mini plush) I'm surprised by the series having no figures.They're cosplay outfits of the characters.There is no way this series isn't popular enough to get figures.I wonder if it's not that popular in Japan...

Ooooo Charizard,I wonder like that too.Yes I would like that Shoto figure too.My choices would be the two you mentioned along with Akira and Ryo from the Devilman series & Eijiro from My hero Academia

A figure you would want made out of stained glass
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