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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1450

Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Maya - part 1 - Chibi Ver. (Bandai)Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny - Meyrin Hawke - HGIF Gundam Characters 2 (Bandai)Capcom Fighting Jam - Demitri Maximoff - SR Capcom Fighting Jam Part 2 (Yujin)Capcom Fighting Jam - Urien - SR Capcom Fighting Jam Part 2 (Yujin)Sengoku Basara - Kasuga - One Coin Grande Figure Collection - One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara Second Formation - One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara ~Heroes Gather~ (Kotobukiya)Super Robot Taisen - Kobayashi Mai - Super Robot War Heroines Original Generation 2 (Bandai)Card Captor Sakura - Daidouji Tomoyo - Card Captor Sakura Collection Figure (SEGA)Dark Angel Phoenix Resurrection - Leen (Alpha)Card Captor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura - Card Captor Sakura Collection Figure  (Vol.3) (SEGA)Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ - Osaragi Hazumu - School Uniform Ver. (BEAT)Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure Sou Nanda! - Suzuka - SR Rondo Robe Collection (Yujin)Costume Party ~Touzai-hen~ - Maid Cafe Collection - MelCafe Maid - White stocking ver. (Banpresto)Fate/Stay Night - Matou Sakura - Nendoroid Petit - Nendoroid Petit: Fate/Stay Night - Apron (Good Smile Company)Excel - Duel Maid - Awakening (S2 Secret) (Atelier Sai)Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid - Takamachi Vivio - Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)Lupin III - Mine Fujiko - Gashspon Figure Part 2 (Bandai)Hikari to Mizu no Daphne - Mizuki Maia - SR - SR Toshiba Entertainment Gals Collection (Yujin)Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Shingetsutan Tsukihime - Tsukihime - TYPE MOON -10th Anniversary- - Aozaki Aoko - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Type-Moon ~10-shuunen Kinen~ - Kyun-Chara Accent (Banpresto)Tiger & Bunny - Huang Pao-Lin - Ivan Karelin - Karina Lyle - Lunatic - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara World Tiger & Bunny #02  (G Prize) - Notebook - Sticker (Banpresto)Da Capo - Mizukoshi Moe - D.C.P.S~Da Capo Plus -Super Limited Edition- (Bandai)Kuroko no Basket - Himuro Tatsuya - Kuroko no Basket Swing 5Q - Swing (Bandai)Love Heaven - Dazai Osamu - Charm - Metal Charm - Strap (empty)Daiya no Ace - Todoroki Raichi - Daiya no Ace - Tsunagaru Strap - Strap (Seven Two)Daiya no Ace - Miyuki Kazuya - Koedarize - Koedarize R Daiya no Ace - Rubber Strap (Takara Tomy)THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Ichihara Nina - Badge - Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Minicchu Can Badge Collection Stage 2 - Minicchu (Gift)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - Luna - Sailor Moon - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Birthday Cake - 1 - Sailor Moon Fresh Ichigo no Cake (Re-Ment)Osomatsu-san - Matsuno Osomatsu - Acrylic Charm - Charm - Osomatsu-san Riajuu Pajamatsu Trading Mini Acrylic Charm (Avex Pictures)Nijiiro Days - Naoe Tsuyoshi - Badge - Plate Badge (Contents Seed)Digimon Adventure 02 - Plotmon - Candy Toy - Digivice (Toei Animation)The Nightmare Before Christmas - Barrel - Lock - Shock - N-068 - Resin Figurine Collection (Jun Planning)Dream C Club - Airi - 155 - Figure King Limited Mailing Ver., Mangan T-shirt Ver. (Yamanaya)

Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 2397

Thinking about selling/trading ~Part 1~450



Note regarding selling/trading:
I am currently downsizing my collection and selling a huge amount of figures and merchandise! For feedback and currently active sales you can check out my eBay www.ebay.com/us... or send me a message on here if something from my selling lists that catches your eye!


Hello! My name is Maakie, originally from the Netherlands and nowadays living in Finland. I'm a huge fan and collector of Baccano! and I try to get my hands on everything from this franchise! My other great love is Mecha Musume, where I especially love the older designs of Humikane Shimada, but I also like newer franchises such as Kantai Collection and Strike/Brave Witches. More recently I have gotten into a Dorohedoro obsession, which I am expecting to take over more of my collection soon as well. I also have a soft spot for everything from Chrono Crusade, artist POP, Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 and Duel Monsters, Nurse Witch Komugi and horror games and movies. Next to that I still have some side-collections that are dear to me and hard to let go of!


In my free time I like working on all kinds of crafts, buying stuff for this hobby, DDR/Stepmania, games, reading, writing, photography,(J-)fashion, hanging out with friends, visiting theme parks, museums and traveling to all kinds of places I've never been before.


In the past, I used to be a huge collector, buying almost anything I liked. Nowadays these are my collecting goals:
- Baccano!
- Dorohedoro
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older Mecha Musume works --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Evil Within)
- Moetan, POP works/designs in general and items from ElectromagneticWave
- Nurse Witch Komugi and other Akio Watanabe works
- Chrno Crusade
- Ymir from Queen's Blade
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the first game)
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita
- Everything from Futaba Anzu! And maybe also start on collecting Koshimizu Sachiko and Hoshi Syoko items
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as Youjo Senki, So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho
- Make itabags for the series/franchises where I collect way too much small items from!


This also means I'm selling/trading a lot of items I used to have in my collection that don't fit these criteria anymore. Please check out
Selling or trading:
LIST #14643
LIST #96871
Thinking about selling or trading:
LIST #45514
LIST #57698
which will get a lot of updates!


I used to be very active in giving lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries (and sometimes even a bit further away). I'm not sure if I will pick this up again as my emigration has been a very busy period, next to all what happened in...2020. At this moment I only have one announced event and I'll try to keep below list updated.

Announced soon-to-give events:
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Animefest 2021


Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (listed most that are in the database, but have a long list of things I should add myself).
- List all the art books I own (work in progress).
- Index my t-shirt collection and also add it on here.
- Make proper lists for the main franchises I collect from and also display them on my profile.


I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: profile/Maakie/...

My blog, things I'm working on right now:
- More entries for my 'Maakie's Collection' blog types
- Multiple figure reviews and unboxings
- Walktroughs of multiple completed Garage Kits
- Multiple big order loots
- Blog about my progress of my Ymir cosplay

~Let me use this last bit of my profile to show off my favorite anime character!~

Jacuzzi from Baccano! is tough, kind and person you can rely on, everything one can aspire to be.

Together with his girlfriend Nice they are my favorite anime couple. Feel free to talk to me about Baccano! at any time, I can never stop rambling about this franchise.


You will open a can of worms though






Yes, the dolls are quite expensive but I saw some on ebay, and my mother told me if I can get a hold of them she would be so happy to own one and I want to make my mom happy with her favorite childhood show, so I will search around for it and even mandarake may carry some of the Candy Candy Dolls. Thank you for the advice :), I didn't know Evangelion would be a bit easier to find even if they are GKs, I would just love some of them.

I really love Rei and her character throughout the series, so I would love to mainly collect Rei prize figures and GKs from the 90s-2000s, but if I see some pretty Asuka figures as well I will try to get her, she is a good character too and she is pretty cute. You have a very big collection, you are so lucky :), maybe someday I will have such a big collection in the future even if it is a bit hard to manage.
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Thank you for the wishes, my friend!
How's life been going? How's Finland? I hope you're doing well!
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Maakie12 dag(en) geleden#95013972It's a happy happy happy birthday for you!

Yahoo thank you for my birthday message, Thank you unfortunately working very hard so the late reply. Haha i missed April review time again. But besides from that I am well just got a small break for 3 days at home after working for 3 weeks. I hope you and your Husband are well.
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Wow that's disappointing to hear about Monogatari. I thought maybe it was overhyped and seeing it had some fanservice didn't inspire much confidence but still, seeing people talk about how complex it is and how it's such a masterpiece made me really curious. As for Evangelion, I liked it! Shinji and Misato were the most likable characters imo but I liked Asuka too for bringing the drama. XD Going into it I thought Shinji would be annoying because of all the memes but like, can you blame him for not wanting to get in the robot? His father's a dick lol. Aww hearing the movies are nice makes me want to watch them even more. ;__; Netflix here only has the End of Evangelion movie which I don't really want to watch because it sounds depressing lol.

Yay, that's awesome that you're getting lizzie boi and heart boi too! View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media0.giphy.com/media/13jJIY0llDdip2/200.gif Now I'm hoping they make the rest of the main cast so you can have a complete group picture! :D I feel like I'm watching your Dorohedoro shrine come together lol. And yeah idk what's with the decent scores for that FMA movie, like everyone was just tricked into thinking it was deep when really it was just a mess... Tbh I don't even remember a boob grabbing scene in the original FMA which I guess just goes to show how low my standards were. XD

I think I would be excited just to see metal advertisements tbh. XD Ooh would your husband be reading my essays? I'm gonna start to feel self-conscious now lol but I guess I should give him a shout-out just in case. Hey Maakie's husband, Maakie's a cool gal so you should take those tests for her! :D -signed a random stranger from the US. But yeah it's definitely better over here since they came from a second world country or whatever those former Soviet satellite countries are called now. They get to have first world problems now like shows they like getting pulled from Netflix. :D That's great that you feel that your move was worth it too! :)

I have Disney+ because I'm weak for Disney. ^^' It's nice to have access to all their old stuff but I still buy blu-rays of the movies I really like. Omg I love Harry Potter but with how long those movies are, I definitely wouldn't survive a marathon. XD What are the people that do that stuff trying to prove?? lol million year old DVDs, I have DVDs of the Spider-Man trilogy at least! Remember the age of VHS a billion years ago? XD I liked the Tim Burton movies I've watched! Like Nightmare Before Christmas counts, right? And no I haven't watched Wonder Woman 84... I was looking forward to the 80s theme but then I saw people saying that they didn't even use it, it could have been set in any other decade and the movie would've been exactly the same. :/ Like how do you not even at least put an 80s song in there? That's the most basic thing you can do! I heard of a lot of other issues besides that but that's the most disappointing one to me lol.

Nostalgia is powerful these days, so you never know? It seems like a ton of older series that should've gotten figures ages ago are getting them now... I'm still waiting on a few though, Hokuto no Ken Nendo when?? XD That sucks that you dealt with idiot buyers on ebay! I was lucky to only have one idiot try to scam me before chickening out lol. The huge fees and ebay pushing its own payment system instead of PayPal were what led me to quit the site, now I'm on mercari and so far so good but I don't wanna jinx it. ._.

I think Goofy is unpopular everywhere, freakin Donald Duck stealing his spotlight. >:( lol seriously though, Goofy actually gets more merch on Disney Store Japan than the US one so I have to use a proxy to get my derpy dog fix. I handed out the Goofy keychains as gifts so everyone could have him on their keys lol but an itabag is a good idea too! XD Omg B-style lizard would be money, I keep waiting for that line to do something interesting like that. Nothing against bunny girls or anything, they should just mix it up once in a while. Oh man we get packages stuck in sorting over here too. D: I hope you were able to get her by now!

I like to play most of my games offline but yeah the online components are hard to avoid. As a completionist the online trophies especially grind my gears because the servers could go down and then access to those trophies is lost forever AHHH. So now I always try to get the online stuff out of the way first lol. But I think the physical PS3/PS4 games I have didn't need any online verification or anything, unless updates account? You're scaring me Maakie. D: Do you mean the first Silent Hill? I've only played 2 and 3 so that might be a good idea if they still have it. :o Speaking of older horror games, I was also looking at Fatal Frame 2, have you tried that one? Manhunt should be safe at least since it's on PS4. :D

Yeah I actually looked Turkey up after you said they tried to join the EU because I always thought it was in Asia. Apparently it counts as Europe too? Idk man, geography is weird. And lol yes the duckies must be seen by everybody! Ugh yeah when I hear a game is gonna be really hard I just get put off because I know I'm gonna end up obsessing over how much I suck and trying to "git gud." I usually end up liking hard games but idk, I don't think I'm ready for the investment lol. That is so cute that you're going the extra mile with the case and everything though! >w<

The Chainsaw Man Nendo just had such weird timing going up for pre-order before the anime even started. :/ I guess the series is just that hyped... That's cool that the same team will be working on it though! The 3DCG in Zombie Land and SnK could get pretty awkward at times but Dorohedoro's always looked so good! And I don't think that's a rude opinion at all! My sister thought MahouYome was boring after I made her try both the manga and the anime so I'm definitely aware of the fact that some people don't like it. But yeah it does seem like people care more about it over here than in Japan. And wow that 02 story was a trip. :o I still don't understand how that happened. If anything I'm even more confused now lol.
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I want to collect from retro series such as Candy Candy's dolls, older Evangelion figures, Serial Experiments Lain and older Sailor Moon figures. As well any more series that I couldn't think of right now hahaha :)

Thank you very much, when I first started collecting I actually did not know a lot about actual scale figures and instead bought a lot of prize figures because they were the cheapest for my parents to buy for me actually before I bought my figures on my own. My first scale was Rei here ITEM #242
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Hello, I saw your account and I really like your more retro and rare collection, I hope that on my time here I will build such a collection like yours :)
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All I've heard is that Bunny Girl is a rip-off of the Monogatari series (which I haven't tried yet but I assume is superior?) so yeah I've lost interest... ._. I checked the top 10 on MAL though and you're right, what a relief that it wasn't flooded by the flavor of the season lol. That's so true about series from before the streaming age being harder to access, I only just watched Evangelion recently because it was available on Netflix for the first time. I hope Netflix can get the newer movies someday... Dororo's on my to watch list too! I think I've loved Mappa ever since Yuri on Ice lol, they did a good job modernizing Banana Fish too though the ending didn't really make sense... But yeah Chainsaw Man hype! And Jujutsu Kaisen movie too, I hope Mappa is getting sleep. o_o

Omg that FMA movie, I was considering buying it before I found it to stream somewhere because I loved the series so much and the reviews for it were pretty good... I am just so glad I didn't lol. It's the only anime thing I rated a 1 because it was just so disappointing on so many levels. But I still think the original series is worth watching at least before Brotherhood because the first third of the story is handled so well (like you said, less comedy and chibi-stuff lol). It also gives you more time to become attached to Nina before she's snatched away in the cruelest way possible, it just makes it that much more impactful/traumatizing. But then it might be too old for newer viewers, they probably just want to watch the shiny new stuff lol.

Not gonna lie to you that's a bit disappointing, my impression of Finland has been shattered. Jk, I guess metal just isn't as popular as I thought it would be over there? Just less niche than it is over here where metal never even charts unless it's an old band with an established reputation like Metallica. There are so many great bands coming from over there though, I hope when the pandemic is over they tour over here so I can see some of them. XD Lmao alien language but damn those tests sound scary! :O You should totally just get your husband to do that stuff if that's possible, that sounds way easier. You can get him Dark Souls ducks in exchange, sounds fair to me! XD But yeah I was born in the US so I had it easy, my parents were the ones that had to learn English from scratch and everything.

Yes I loved Thor Ragnarok! I've been meaning to rewatch it because I only watched it when it first came out in theaters, but I remember it being hilarious! And lol I liked how the Thor/Loki storylines were advanced in Dark World and I thought the final fight was pretty fun but yeah general consensus is that it's the most boring MCU movie. In the lead-up to Endgame a bunch of theaters ran MCU movie marathons which sound really exhausting, but everyone was like "well you can nap during Dark World" lol. I also loved the original Spider-Man trilogy! Those were my first superhero movies and they turned me into a fan. :D Though looking back they're pretty cheesy, I rewatched the first one recently and couldn't believe how bad the effects were. But I think those older superhero movies hold up as long as you don't take them seriously, Fantastic 4 worked because it was really silly and fun whereas the newer one was trying too hard to be edgy and just looks boring. I haven't watched those Batman movies but I know Robin looks like Nightwing in those which as a Nightwing fan is intriguing lol. And as for the Snyder cut of Justice League... I wasn't really interested in it even before I found out it's 4 hours long lol. I just feel like they wasted perfect casting with Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman which just makes me bitter. And apparently Wonder Woman 84 even contradicts it? Idk man... :(

Wow a statue like the Dorohedoro diorama one with Rosette and Chrono would be awesome. But yeah maybe something like a big anniversary would be the best chance? I've actually never sold on MFC before, I feel like I need a middleman like ebay or mercari to guide me. ^^' I might be interested in some small stuff you have for sale (especially Love Live and Daiya no Ace) but wasn't sure if shipping to the US would be a hassle. Also I know that feeling of buying stuff that's been sitting in a store forever, Ami had ITEM #789738 in the bargain bin for so long so over time I ended up buying a bunch of them (what can I say, I love Goofy lol). There's a limit of 3 per customer but they never told me I couldn't buy anymore, probably because they just wanted to get rid of them. Oh well, more for me. :D Omg a shark costume for Ebisu would be so cute!! Poor Fujita though, he's even unpopular in real life lol. Ooh yeah Pennywise is definitely winning, congrats on her safe journey! XD But yeah I'll try not to lose hope lol.

Oh man that's terrible that you lost all those games. D: Stuff like that makes me so paranoid. Like we're just supposed to trust Microsoft and Sony with digital purchases on Xbox/PS? It's almost hilarious that Sony is marketing the digital-only PS5 while basically telling people they have a limited time to buy games for it... And yeah they said you can still download games you already bought after the store goes down but I don't trust them lol. I'm just buying all the digital-only games while I can, let me know if there's any I should be getting because the thought of losing access to games forever is too scary. >.<

Ooh I remember that whole Greece crisis! Yeah that sounds like a big negative. :o I didn't even know Turkey was trying to join the EU but that's a bummer for them, rejected from your club. :( I don't have the courage to paint anything and I guess that extends to rubber ducks. XD But I'm surprised by how positive the reactions to them have been, I thought maybe people would think they're weird but so far everyone thinks they're cute. :D Also I have yet to play Dark Souls but that statue looks like an epic gift! Do you like the series too or is it just his thing?

As for the Chainsaw Man Nendo... I have the same problem as you. >.< After Kimetsu no Yaiba and BNHA I didn't trust the hype but then after Jujutsu Kaisen I'm starting to trust it a little... Idk. >.< But if it's any consolation those three are also Shounen Jump series and their Nendos got quick rereleases, main character of JJK got a rerelease while the anime was still airing and that's how I was able to get him lol. So I have faith that if Chainsaw Man becomes hard to find before the anime even starts airing, GSC will give him a rerelease. I assume 666 didn't get a rerelease because the manga isn't popular enough (;__;) and idk what the deal is with 02, I just heard the quality of the anime tanked towards the end so maybe that's why her figures never get reruns. But that's the power of a waifu of the season I guess...
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No need to watch it right away if you're afraid it isn't your cup of tea. ^_^ I am unsure why I made that comment, but I lurk too much even on people's profiles. I didn't mean to come off as stalkerish. Sorry if I sounded upset.

Back to anime, that's a cool idea to prioritize what to watch first then last. I'm those people who just watch this or that if I am in the mood to watch it. I sometimes try to finish my un-ending MAL watchlist by finishing it off with OVA's or shorts.
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Excellent seller! Great communication and everything arrives exactly as described. Maakie is very kind and thoughtful, and is always a genuine pleasure to do business with.
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Sorry for the super late reply to this ;_;'
I mostly add telephone cards and such based on how they were released. For example were they bundled with a dvd? Was it for a specific event or store? If not you can always check the (c) on them, or if you are lucky, the back of the card!

Also good taste in Mugi! I feel super lucky cause I finally managed to buy ITEM #12994 for not too much of an insane price.
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Importing games,toys, and more from Japan since 2002!


TV serie(s)
Baccano!, Dorohedoro, Chrno Crusade, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Made in Abyss, Steins;Gate, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original series and Duel Monsters), Strike Witches, Moetan, Nurse Witch Komugi
Mainly light novels and thrillers
Almost everything as long as I like the story/setting/environment, although I mostly play survival(horror)-games. Favorite franchises: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Manhunt, Stepmania/DDR, Crystal Chronicles, Evil Within & Viva Pinata
MOE Punt(en)
Mecha Musume, Flat to Normal Size Chest, Nice Thighs/Legs, Shorts, Military, Uniforms, Belts, Long robes/capes, Ribbons, Bandages/Plasters, Small character with big weapon(s), Characters older than they look and Characters that seem cute, but are not!
Almost all types of electronic music, (alternative) rock and many game- and animesoundtracks! Favorite band: Gorillaz
Sony Alpha A5100 (extensive shoots) + Canon IXUS 100IS (simple shoots) + smartphone camera (WIP/quick shoots)
Desktop: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 3,2 GHz (3,6 GHz Turbo Boost), MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X+ 6G, GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.0), Corsair 2x16 GB DDR4-2666 Kit, Laptop: Lenovo Legion + Personalized Sony VAIO