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Hey everyone! My name's Jennifer but everybody calls me Jen! I started seriously collecting in mid-2017 so I'm still a relatively new collector. I was introduced to the hobby and this community by my boyfriend and we've had great fun participating on here since!

I'm obsessed with the magical school girl genre and the Persona series as you'll have noticed with my Card Captor, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Persona 3, 4, & 5 collection! Haha. I also love to collect male figures from my favorite series! Male figures aren't as widely produced since they're not the biggest money makers in the industry but I'm always happy to reward the risk manufacturers take in creating and selling more male characters. :)

I love participating in this community and getting to know other collectors so never feel shy about dropping me a PM or comment! Thanks for stopping by!
TV serie(s)
Honestly, a lot of Mahou Shojo, horror, and fantasy.
BL and Erotica mostly as of recent
Persona series, Final Fantasy series, & other rpgs
MOE Punt(en)
Beauty face marks!!


nice to meet you too, love your reviews and I hope to see more in the future!
11 uur geleden
Hahaa!! Right?! LOL!
19 dag(en) geleden
Just FYI, but there's supposed to be a Tokyo Ghoul teaser on an interview with CEO of Figurama today - youtu.be/RD_bGD... (the interview begins any second now)
19 dag(en) geleden
Thank you for the kind message! ❤️
19 dag(en) geleden
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
Hey hey!
I saw your photos on here and instantly recognized you! :)
23 dag(en) geleden
Hahaa...yeah bring on the male statue love, I'm all for it!! :P Yeah a break from seeing statues I feel like I just HAVE to HAVE is a blessing...LOL!
1 maand(en) geleden
Yeah dammit, and you know I'd be content with one Bleach figure...but I just know that if Figurama does it, it's going to be AMAZING. I'm not sure what they'll do but I do know that in their Hub Ulquiorra is really popular, so is Grimmjow ..so maybe Ichigo versus one of those guys?

Oh well we'll see. If I can pass I will, but I don't know...we'll see! LOL! I honestly wish they'd pick up more licenses I could care less about so I could save some money and super temptation! That HxH figure and AoT one is super badass. I'd love to have those, but I'm not going there, I am pretty much out of space now, so have to figure that out..plus that's so much money. Ugh, I should have stayed in the PVC world...what have I got myself into!! LOL!!

Good luck with Alucard, hope it converts. With the date being pushed out I think that may increase your chances though. Also, while it's more expensive it's not "INSANE", but Big Bad Toy Store has Alucard for sale still I think. The price is not horrible considering the $4 flat rate shipping too. Just something to consider...
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LOL....I feel as though I may need a second a job!!! HAHA.... I just got that other figure because dammit....and now this?! Ugh, I don't know if I can resist a Bleach from Figurama..and with a warehouse in the US and payment plans. Yeah I may be in trouble?!! How about you? LOL!
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A woman of cultures, I see.
1 maand(en) geleden
Wonderful profile and collection! I like your taste. (❤ω❤) I should add some lewd male figures to my collection too...
2 maand(en) geleden
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