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Hi! My name is Mason! My favorite character of all time is Roxas from KH, or Emil from NieR Replicant and my #1 waifu is Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2!

Nice to meet you! I'm really into writing articles, so I have a lot of them XD Thanks for stopping by my page! Don't feel shy to send me a friend request either! Anyways, this is my small collection! I hope to get more figures, but it's kinda hard being a 14 year old without a job XD

I've been watching anime for about 4 years now and watch over 260! My favorite anime is Horimiya. I also really liked Evangelion, Wonder Egg Priority, Death Note, Higurashi, etc. I don't really have a specific taste as you can see XD

My favorite video game right now is NieR Replicant ver 1.22! I love this one more than Automata, but I can't tell you why XD Just like the characters more I guess XD I do like Automata a ton still, Replicant is just better imo. Emil is my favorite character, and he's tied for my favorite character of all time!


Thanks for stopping by and remember: You rock!



Thank you!:D
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Forgot to say congratulations on winning those 2 giveaways :O you have insane luck! I should try entering contests too but I should discuss that with my parents first. Also I seen the glass paint artist on Etsy and they are really good! Which character are you getting painted on glass from them?
The Rem and the Ram figures you picked are definitely the better choice XD that other set I always see on those “kawaii aesthetic bedroom” photos so it’s kind of annoying always seeing them. Plus why is Rem holding scissors/shears with a worried face? Like is she scared of giving herself a trim being a sheep? I don’t know the whole figure doesn’t make sense to me, the Ram one is pretty cute though. Anyways my point is the kimono ones look so much nicer, I like the unique bases to them! Oh and I saw your story from Christmas, that Asuna looks amazing up close. Her pose and details are incredible! Also not really a fan of funko pops (some of them are creepy looking to me) but the monokuma one you got looks solid! This gives me hope for more Danganronpa funko pops in the future and I will definitely buy if they make Chiaki and other characters. They are pretty affordable and despite not having much detail, you are getting the character you are attached to for a low price so not bad.
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merry late christmas, I’ve been kinda busy lately and I’m sorry for that!

I completely forgot to respond to your other message so uh let me do that:

That was a fun stream to tune into, it’s alright how you didn’t respond right away XD I kinda knew it wasn’t gonna happen since you were already making plans with your cousin that night. Also the time that the stream ended it was like 2AM for me so I wasn’t going to wait for a response, I went dead asleep lol.

Well Christmas already passed so I received the kingdom hearts series bundle, but haven’t played it yet since I’m catching up with schoolwork from home (my family got hit with Covid) The only game I’m really playing now is project sekai, having fun with that lol. Oh and thanks for the advice, but which NieR game should I try to get first and play? I keep seeing different orders online to play but it’s so confusing XD

Man, getting the perfect present for someone close is so expensive nowadays I swear XD but it really is worth it! I spent like $80 on two figures of Rei and Asuka on EBay for my best friend , I haven’t been able to give it to her yet but I know she will love it BUT the problem here is that she just got a Rei figure from her parents for Christmas too and is satisfied with that so uh I kind of have the feeling of regret. Like I could have spent less money and bought her something else XD well I guess we will see how that plays out. She did tell me that she did buy a figure for me and I’m pretty hyped to see what she got me since I didn’t get any anime figures for Christmas (the pain of having your birthday near Christmas) I mainly got pajamas and a few pretty good stuff. Also uh she also has MFC and I’m hoping she doesn’t do that thing when she stalks me in everyway possible and finds this message XD Besides that, what did you get for your girlfriend for Christmas?

Ah yes, posting on Instagram. I feel kinda weird to since I haven’t been doing my usual digital art for months and for some reason don’t even want to touch it. So I guess I will post traditional art(?) I’ve been sketching lately so I might post this sketch I did of Senbonzakura Miku (I really want her nendoroid ;-;) and sorry Chloe sketch, you gotta wait since holoX designs are so detailed and complicated for me. So did you ever finish that drawing? XD

I’m really hesitant to get into animes with hundreds and hundreds of episodes. I’m really a slow watcher and only when I really enjoy a series is when I will binge it at a faster pace. I’m getting kinda better at binge-watching so maybe one day or this summer I will attempt to finish Naruto. It’s the only one from the big 3 that interests me. I watch episodes occasionally and I feel bad when people assume I’m a genuine fan of the show when I only seen episodes here and there XD
Speaking of which, how long did it take for you to finish Naruto? Also should I skip fillers? I swear its better asking an actual fan than those series order article guides >:O
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No problem! I've read some of your posts and you seem fun!:D Thanks as well!
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I would do a New Years post, but it's only a month away from collecting for a whole year, so imma wait XD
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Thank You so much for the B-Day wishes!!(づ。◕‿◕。)づ✚⃞
I hope that You have an amazing New Year ❣♥❣
~Best Regards~
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Awww thanks so much!! <3
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Merry Christmas! Sorry for responding so late, I've had so much going on during the holidays! I hope all is well, and good luck with the gift giving! I'm really excited to watch the rest of the Eva films! As one of my favorite series it's gotta be good haha. I managed to po volume 1 of NGE and got the vinyl on backorder as well.

I have my fingers crossed that this Asuka will rerelease somehow by some miracle haha ITEM #186848 Mega's Misato isn't bad, i'd just rather wait for Koto's to get another rerelease! I'm debating on getting version one of Asuka but I might hold off for a bit, I only want to get Version one of Rei and Kaworu (mainly to save money)

I believe they have a witch style figure of Rei and it's so cute! I kinda want to get it but at the same time, I need to save XD
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Thank you :)
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Horimiya, Evangelion, Death Note, Wonder Egg Priority, Blue Period, Higurashi: When They Cry, Perfect Blue, Serial Experiments Lain, Death Parade, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. As for non-anime, Cobra Kai is my favorite.
Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Wonder, pretty much any manga
Nier series, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series, Danganronpa, DDLC, AI: The Somnium Files, Undertale, Minecraft, Uncharted Series, Vocaloid rhythm games.
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Cute, Clumsy, Shy, Small Laugh, Easily Scared, clingy, tsundere, animal girls
Pretty much any Emo, Rock, Punkrock, or metal bands. Almost any anime opening, ending, or ost. Video game osts. LiSA, E ve, Yoh Kamiyama, and My Chemical Romance are my absolute favorite artists though.
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