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My simping knows (almost) no bounds.
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Fayne2 maand(en) geleden#98699800Mb, thought pressing “reply” would post a message quoting yours. D:
I've done that lol, no worries xD
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Mb, thought pressing “reply” would post a message quoting yours. D:
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I bought the Myethos Lily Wine figure from Hyndil (figure not allowed on MFC). Lovely seller who keeps in frequent contact during the sometimes slow shipping of covid times. The figure was in perfect condition, even the plastic sleeves for the figure parts were still present which was appreciated. Thank you! <3
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yo, I just wanted to say your zero-two collection is really cool! I finally finished watching the anime and I think I fell more inlove with her than ever. She's honestly best girl and it sucks there aren't more figures of her :( especially of her in her uniform :/
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Yeah, no problem i understood what you were saying by mixing french, german and english ^^' , but i was wondering, i thought i maybe missed her and didn't saw her being available for pre-order, since it's always hard to track exactly what happens with chinese figures since they are not on MFC ^^'
It was maybe a bit too early to pre-order her, maybe other stores will have her later, i know i already bought some other Honkai 3rd figures made by MoHoYo on other stores, so who knows.
But i saw her on the AmiAmi frontpage like you said so i pre-ordered her there.
Edit : Hmmm she is already on BigInJapan, i guess i could have waited a bit a got her from there but whatever i guess, there, there is almost never customs to pay, while on AmiAmi sometimes yes sometimes no, i guess i wasn't wise to pre-order so fast.

Also i made a thing for this Mei figure on my profile like i did with my other non MFC chinese figures, you can use it too if you want.


[ur l=www.amiami.com/...][im g]i.postimg.cc/3w...[/im g][/ur l]

(complete the tags between [] and get the links without the "..." ^^')
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Hello, just came here to check from which country you are because of that custom tax discussion there is on that Zero Two figure, and i saw that you ordered the Herscher of Thunder Mei figure, haven't seen her up anywhere, is she new to pre-order ? Or is there a specific place to pre-order her, like an exclusive figure ?
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i bought ahri from Hyndil. she shipped very quickly and provided photos upon request! when ahri arrived, she was packaged safely and securely. i am really happy with how everything went. Hyndil kept good communication throughout the whole process. i would happily buy from her again, thank you!
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Thank you!

For some reason MFC sent the notification early. My birthday is tomorrow.
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Amazing page!
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Myne8 maand(en) geleden#90717282Happy Birthday!! (。◕‿◕。)Thank you c:
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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