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(She/her) I am an 18 year old collector who loves nendoroids!
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Heyy everyone, thank you for visiting my profile! I don’t usually sell my figures or anything due to the fact that I usually regret selling them. Though if I do post something for sale just contact me via my new discord, Cucumbers#5881 (also msg me on here MFC saying that you msged me on discord because I don’t have my discord notifs on).

My grail statues are two Mondo pieces the Korrasami and Marceline statuettes! If you have them for sale especially with the Mondo shop exclusives pls dm on discord or on MFC that is very much appreciated.

Figures that I have on preorder or own that are not in the MFC database:
- Myethos Daumo Kylin Zhang
- Myethos Original Character Music Ye Lan
- Emontoys Girls’ Frontline Lee Enfield Wedding Life Long Protector ver.
- Solarin Fox Spirit Matchmaker Honghong Tushan Bansuiizan Ver. 1/7th
- Tstoys Gamer girl 1/6th
- Netease Onmyoji Honkaku Gensou RPG Shiranui Fire Dance of Butterflies 1/8th
- Netease Onmyoji Honkaku Gensou RPG Zashikiwarashi Fukuraiunshi 1/7
- YOOUSI "Yi Ren Zhia Via" Xiaha Motorcycle limited edition

P.S. I am not the best with answering dms so if I leave you without a response definitely message me again!


Kimhuat_00 Nezuko wo mamoritai~!!!
Hi there, in case if you are still looking for this: Jaina Star War Bishoujo, I have a new sealed for sale. Pls check out my Ad. Cheers :)

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I'm loving it.

It makes me laugh a lot and I need a good laugh these days.

Atena's my fav too, Houshi's situation makes me laugh a bit since I love an Anime that basically looks like Hentai but it's borderline Hentai and Ecchi so the series hits the right buttons with me since it's funny to see how many times he ends up in a embarrassing situation.

-The last episode had me laughing way too much when they were getting Measurements done and Houshi had to crawl away fast.

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Sent you a message to you inbox, check it please
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Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!




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