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I like headphones and spending too much time on my computer. Not much more to say.

I'm stepping back into figures slowly as my main interest is still dolls. I just miss having my scaled figures littering my living space.
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I'll update with my new build one day....


Sorry for the misunderstanding! I sent you 2 important PMs.
1 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #4652182Hello~
Unfortunately, no. I sold Momo a long, long time ago. :<

Aww darn.oh well. Thanks for replying! c:
3 jaar geleden
Hello! I was wondering if you were still trying to sell your DD M.O.M.O. head? :)
3 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #3187358Me thinks I need to swap it to the Shena one I'm usin' on Steam lol.

Shena? Haven't heard of that one. Is it the same artist?
3 jaar geleden
omfg love your icon that doujinshi rocks my sox
3 jaar geleden
Nice Selim icon, hahaha.
3 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #3098522Hello~
Yup, and I'm including shipping of her to all those in the USA. Please note that as the listing states she doesn't have a body though (though I do have a body I can include with her).
I do discounted shipping for those not in the USA.

I sent you a PM. Thx :)
3 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #3071838Price drop, and details changed.
Head with fullset items for $575 + shipping

Hello, is Airi still up for sale? :3
3 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #3026013Well and a lot of people purposely sand down the cheeks so the auction ones are even more intended for the MDD that way. I've seen her more than once on a MDD body so it seems to fit nicely for a lot of folks. Miu's adorable either way~ I love her lashes. :> I can enjoy a ditz with one smokin' rack but it doesn't mean that's all I like. I'll probably have a klutz sooner or later like that. Nah, as expected, went too high. But yesterday I won an auction for someone new! :'D I broke my budget doing so but I got a good deal~
I don't have the energy or patience for sewing. I'd rather just pay someone. I'm such a terrible person like that! XD
I did see them! I'm kinda behind on posts right now, but she looked awesome! Gotta love the default Miku eyes. They are rather dashing. She looks great~ <3
Once she's up to par with what I want with her. I've been tossing ideas back and forth about her. Originally I wanted twins, but I think I'll be good with just one. So now I'm just figuring stuff out. She'll go off for a face-up with the new girl here soon enough...well...when new girl arrives. I need a body for her, and probably will need a body for the other girl as I may part with it as I don't really like DD2 bodies. XD We'll see!
So sorry about the delay, as I said, I'm kinda behind on posts. I've managed to bump stuff and that's about it. Haven't felt all that talkative as of late. oTL;;

Ah. I wonder why anyone would sand down the DDH-01's cheeks though? They look childlike because of the pudge, not without. In my own personal opinion. >///< Thank you about Miu's lashes. Unfortunately, she will eventually get her current face-up wiped, de-stained, and hopefully sent to WDS. :3

I see that you are selling everything, including Momo, Airi (unknown that you had her at all), Saber Alter (same as Airi), and your own August (Saber Extra)! I'm so sorry and sad to see you let go of all your dolly things! T~T I really don't know why you said that you weren't "feeling" August though. You had such awesome ideas for her and seemed like you loved her a lot! D8 You still going to stay in the doll hobby or will you just end up selling everything and not coming back? >.<"

Thank you about Liz though. Unfortunately, I may end up having to sell her due to financial problems and getting in over my head with the doll hobby. I should have just stuck to one DD for a bit. I guess I am learning the hard way. :c But, what will suck is if I fall harder for Ranka than Miu. Then I will probably have to sell Miu, which I don't want to do. It'll be a hard decision on what to do next.

I understand about not feeling talkative though. Life and stress can get the best of us. Sometimes we just want to be left alone and have our own, relaxing time. c:

Thus said, I apologize for my late response as well. c;
3 jaar geleden
Gunter (3 jaar geleden) #2979854I mean that in general. That could be a small thing or the entire plan in general. I've had a lot of plans changed, even weeks/months after finishing something. It'll just dawn on me that "oh this is what I want!" That's true. I think DDH01 was made specifically for MDD. XD I really want this custom one up on Y!J right now. Gonna wait it out and see if I can get!
LOL. Oh definitely not. I may like some extra meat, but I for sure have a limit. Also it is required that I can dress her in regular clothing.
Yay! That's good to know~ :> Woo, even better! Everyone's getting bodies! That's a good thing though. It's nice having full dolls hahaha. well, GZ again on yet another body~

Ah, I see. I understand now. :3 I'm glad you totally agree with me about the DDH-01 head! I think some people can pull it off by having a huge wig on the gal but it still looks severely weird. That's probably another reason why I didn't like Miu's head on what her original body was supposed to be: a DDdy. Miu's sculpt originally was on a DDdy body but her head is super duper small, so I really have no idea why it looked good to most on the DDdy body. Makes it seem like people love dumb girls with big boobs (even though that is true in most places, at least in America, it doesn't mean I have to like it). ^^" Hopefully you are able to get the DDH-01 on Y!JA though! Best of luck~ :)

Heh, ah alright. Yay for appropriate limits! And yes, you need to be able to get those clothes on her! Some people learn how to sew though just for their DDs, so you could have her have huge boobs if you wanted. ;P

Thanks for the congrats! It is real nice having Liz on a body now too. Put the Miku eyes in her as well and she looks amazing! Mischevious yet gorgeous to me. I have some photos up on both DD forum sites if you ever want to take a peak. ;)

Also, I have a question. When are you going to introduce your M.O.M.O to us (meaning the DD forums and DD boards)? I am curious since I saw you have pictures of her modeling the wigs that you have for sale. ^^ She is looking cute though, so I hope you are having fun with her~
3 jaar geleden
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