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Yuki Kajiura


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Happy Birthday !
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Happy Birthday!
Enjoy this day!
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Happy Birthday!
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De nada :DFukiri (6 jaar geleden) #1173180Obrigada pelo FR ^^
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FukiriThanks for the FR ^^
And for the website, again. Guess I'll start saving up money before I send them an e-mail requesting the figure.
MadoMagi makes my wallet sad... -__-;

I know how that feels, I want the Sayaka scale-figure also but I'm pretty much dead on money thanks to a debt.
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luvintulips Queen of Aomine Daiki
FukiriSorry for the very late reply!
Been busy like hell. -__- I wish I could be a Madao sometimes.
Did you end up joining the forums? JW, I haven't been there for a while too orz

You do have a point though, Gintama is a huge hit in Japan so hopefully the manga will continue for a good while XD I wish it was as popular overseas too, oh well. I think I've complained about already, but Viz didn't make Gintama any justice, unfortunately... That may also be the reason why no many people bought the manga. (In Gintama you MUST explain the jokes as they usually parody Japanese culture/Japanese puns. If they didn't do that how would people understand them?)
I guess Okita hating him may also be one of the reasons why I don't really like him... But my main ones are: because of what he did to Mitsuba and lastly because he's ALWAYS the center of Shinsengumi centered arcs, like the Rebellion arc and now the Mimawarigumi arc. Damn it, if they don't want to make Okita the center at least give the poor Kondou a chance!
You're a OkiKagu fan too? XD I've been running onto a lot of fans lately, much to my happiness XD
So, you must be one of those persons, like me, who facepalms each time Sunrise cuts a OkiKagu scene right? I didn't follow the manga until recently, and only now I've discovered that maybe OkiKagu isn't that far-fetched... Okita cares more for Kagura in the manga than in anime. Thank you, Sunrise -__-;

Also, that demotivator... just cracked me up XD Do you happen to have a bigger version of it?

Hello, it's okay now it's my turn to say sorry for replying so late to you!
I do too...
No, not yet I'll do it right now once I reply to you!
I hope it does last a long time. I wish that too, people are just losers for not giving Gintama a chance. True but I must admit that even with the bad translation I loved it at first, although I admit that I didn't know that it had a bad translation...True I agree with you the jokes had to be explained, that's where they suck, they don't give translation notes or anything the only ones I know they do are Vampire Knight and Kimi no todoke, I think they do it for NANA not sure, but why couldn't they do this for Gintama? I don't understand them.
Me too!! I agree with everything you wrote! I want a episode that focuses on Kondou too and of course one of Okita, or a dozen anything is fine! I can be no other kind of fan other than OkiKagu! They are such a cute pairing, I hope Sorachi makes it happen!
Yes!! I hate that! why do they hate us like this? What did we ever do to deserve this? I love how most of the manga is translated now not like two years ago, there is only like two volumes need to be done before it is up to date with the Japanese releases, I know that the scan group is doing weekly releases for Gintama, so that makes me happy!

Here is the link to it: planecrush.tumb..., sadly its not that big.
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heeey fellow Gintama fan~ nice display pic O_O

sorry for intruding! XD i noticed u were wishing for Gintama Mint Choco's Okita Sougo. ^^ i have him and am currently selling him. Would u be interested? =D

here's a pic~!
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